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It・s Fun and Delicious to Pick Fruits in Four Seasons


Taiwan produces diversified fruits throughout the year and production areas are always crowded with visitors who are there mostly for the fun of picking fruits with their own hands in addition to buying in-season fruits. Picking fruits in tourism farms has become a popular recreational activity in recent years, because consumers can taste the original flavor of the freshest fruits while experiencing life in the countryside and learning interesting ecological knowledge from farm owners in lush green environment.

Visitors won・t feel bored even if they make a round-the-island fruit-picking trip every season.Being called a treasured island, Taiwan has various tourism farms in each district due to its geographic conditions. For instance, visitors can enjoy the fun of picking different fruits each season in such tourism farms as Bali pomelo farms, Lalashan honey peach farms and Dahu strawberry gardens in north Taiwan; Fengkueidou plum farms and Neimen longan and litchi farms in central and southern Taiwan; and Beinan sugar apple farms in the east. According to statistics, tourism farms throughout Taiwan are now open for visitors to pick peach, plum, pear, strawberry, tomato, orange, tangerine, pomelo, vanilla, grape, mango, wax apple, litchi, longan and carambola. Visitors won・t feel bored even if they make a round-the-island fruit-picking trip every season.

Why the fruits picked by your own hand are especially delicious? In addition to having fun and making some achievements, visitors are only allowed to picked fruits in tourism farms when they are naturally ripened up to 80-90% and thus have become delicious after absorbing all nutrients from the earth and the sun, said Mr. Yu Ho, Director-General Ho Yu of Taiwan Tourism Farms Association. Most fruits on the market are picked when they are ripened up to 60-70% for the sake of cold storage and artificial ripening before being distributed, so they are not as delicious as the naturally ripened fruits, he said.

Ho added that as the tourism recreation industry growing, tourism farms now organize various fruit DIY activities such as making juice, jam and pickled or preserved fruits for visitors to enjoy the fun of DIY. Besides, through integrated planning of regional recreation environment with sustained development of natural scenery and eco-resources as a prerequisite, more and more tourism farms have combined board and lodging services with local industries and eco-culture introduction to make visitors better understand the local culture and customs while enjoying the fun of picking fruits and beautiful scenery.

Picking fruits in tourism farms has become a popular recreational activity in recent years.For example, Hsinchu Weiweichia Tourism Farm, which is famed for its dried persimmon, allows visitors to pick fresh persimmons and arranges such activities as persimmon cloth doll DIY, persimmon dyeing and making dried persimmon DIY for them to enjoy multiple fun with one variety of fruit. In addition to picking dragon fruit, carambola and passion fruit, Liyuan Farm in Yongan Village, Luye Township, Taitung County organizes eco-culture summer camps and provides guided tour for visitors to enjoy locally produced Happy-wealthy tea, paragliding, Yongan Yu Lungchuan Trail, Formosa sika deer because the owner is a member of the local community development association. The arrangements have not only enabled visitors to have more fun and a better understanding of local community but also promoted the development of local industries.

Ho reminded consumers to wear long-sleeve shirt and long pants when visiting tourism farms so as not to be bitten by mosquitoes and other insects, and listen carefully to the owner・s instruction and introduction to avoid destroying farmers・ hard toil by inadvertently damaging fruit crops. And visitors can only pick fruits of better quality by using the right method. For instance, visitors are advised to hold honey pears on the palm before picking because they are vulnerable to collision. And visitors should pick big and plump strawberries together with their stalks. Visitors should use scissors when picking oranges and tangerines, instead of pulling them off trees. They can be kept for a longer time when being cut together with finger-long stalks. If these advises are kept in mind, visitors surely will enjoy a fruit-picking trip that also pleases the farm owner!