No Enforcement Gap in Far Distant Oceans Press Conference on Port Departure of Patrol Boat and Team Forming of more than 100 Observers  2017-08-31
Announcement of the First Wave of Penalties on Violations relating to Illegal Fishing Activities for Combating IUU Fishing and ensuring Sustainability of Fisheries Resources  2017-08-15
Executive Yuan Passed the Draft to Organic Agriculture Promotion Act, a legislation aiming to promote the Sustainable Development of Organic Agriculture  2017-07-27
Lifting the Ban on Japanese, Dutch and Swedish Beef Would Have No Impact on Taiwan’s Domestic Beef Industry  2017-07-19
Taiwan and Poland Sign a Memorandum of Understanding to Establish a Consultation Mechanism in the Field of Agriculture, to Promote Bilateral Cooperation in Agricultural Industries  2017-07-14
Taiwan International Agricultural Development Company Invests into Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park to Work with Industrial Clusters There to Strengthen the Export Competitiveness of Taiwan Agriproducts  2017-07-07
Agricultural Chief Executives Gathered in Taichung to Exchange Ideas about the Future of the Industry  2017-06-23
Representatives of APEC members met in Taipei to discuss reducing food losses and waste  2017-06-12
The CSF Laboratory of COA’s AHRI is Officially Recognized as CSF Reference Laboratory by the OIE  2017-06-06
“2017 Taiwan-France Symposium on Circular Agriculture” Aims to Thread a New Circular Agricultural Value Chain for France and Taiwan  2017-06-01
Taiwan’s Accomplishments on Animal Disease Control Received High Recognition from the World Organization for Animal Health  2017-05-26
Workshop on Developing Organic Agriculture as New Business Opportunity for Small-scale Farmers Presents Taiwan's Soft Power on Organic Agriculture  2017-05-23
Taiwan’s Agricultural Coalition Seeks to Expand The ASEAN Market  2017-05-12
The Central Emergency Operation Center (CEOC) Avian Influenza has Successfully Contained the Outbreak of H5N6  2017-05-05
Farmers' and Fishermen's Associations Integrate New Information System to Enhance Information Security and Money Laundering Control. 55 Associations under North Farmers' Association Information Center  2017-04-13
Amended Animal Protection Act Set to Promote Animal Protection and Welfare  2017-04-11
Taiwan and EU High-level Meeting on Combating IUU Fishing signals Law Enforcement Crucial to Removal of Yellow Card Status  2017-04-11
50th Anniversary of Taiwan-Germany Agricultural Cooperation Leads to Fruitful Results  2017-03-27
Combating Illegal Fishing and Sustainable Distant Water Fisheries  2017-03-24
Taiwan's Agricultural Products Set Foot in Foodex Japan and Developed Japan's Market  2017-03-06