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Winners of 2007 the Ten Best Agricultural Production-Marketing Groups Came Out.


In order to promote the New Agriculture Movement---Human Resources Development, thereby advancing the efficiency of agricultural management, COA held a selection event of the ten best agricultural production-marketing groups. The list of the ten best agricultural production-marketing groups nationwide 2007 eventually came out after the candidates were put through stages after stages of screening and a very strict reviewing. There are ten groups who were finally picked out to be winners, including the fifteenth vegetable production-marketing group from Tayuan, Taoyuan County. Each group will be rewarded with a NTD 200,000 prize and COA will decide on a day in which to bestow them prizes to honor them.

COA indicated that the selection event involves a national reviewing of 29 finalists recommended through hierarchies and evaluated by the governments of townships, counties and cities and district agricultural research and extension stations from among some 6,200 production-marketing groups across the country. COA has engaged pundits and experts to form a selection committee, and, through a fair, just, public and strict reviewing process, ten best agricultural production-marketing groups for 2007 were picked out. The winners of this honorable prize are the fifteenth vegetable production-marketing group from Tayuan, Taoyuan County; the fourth rice production-marketing group from Yuanli, Miaoli County; the first pig production-marketing group from Tienwei, Changhua County; the fourth flower production-marketing group from Taichung City; the first organic rice production-marketing group from Taibao, Chiayi County; the thirtieth fruit production-marketing group from Yuching, Tainan County; the first bee production-marketing group from Kangshan, Kaohsiung County; the fiftieth fruit production-marketing group from Kaoshu, Pingtung County; the first fruit production-marketing group from Yuli, Hualien County and the pig production-marketing group from Kuanshan, Taitung County.

COA indicated that the winners of the ten best agricultural production-marketing groups nationwide got the prize because of their enterprising concepts in business managing, their innovation in producing quality and safe agricultural products, their efforts to develop new products, to establish a brand name, their tactful marketing maneuvers, their enthusiasm in participating in community activities and their immense contribution to agricultural industry and local development as well as their exemplary business achievement.

COA stressed that the idea behind the selection of the ten best agricultural production-marketing groups is to set up good examples for farmers in production-marketing groups to look up to by means of public reviewing and rewarding ceremony so as to enhance the managerial efficiency of all the production-marketing groups with an aim to improving Taiwan’s agricultural competitiveness.