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Love for animals All “dogs” are born equal---Love your dog and love not its breed or blood


The Council of Agriculture notes that the Animal Protection Law is based on the ideas of love for animals and a respect for their lives. And there should not be any different treatments on the basis of breeds, blood or breeders. COA respects the blood certificates attached in dog purchases and sales in the private sector, which are considered to be commercial dealings. However, given the principle of equality among all animal lives and the problem of hereditary diseases stemming from dogs’ pureblooded reproduction, COA urges breeders not to put emphasis on breeds or the purity of blood.

COA maintains that the dog-breeding associations in European countries and America established their own sets of canine breeding standards, breed judgment, blood registration and recording systems as a criterion, by which judgment and registration of pureblooded dogs are made, in attempt to help their members breed dogs and satisfy their commercial needs. These measures are considered to be the actions initiated by dog lovers and breeders in the private sector, and, unless they involve the issue of animal protection, the governments of these countries will not intervene. If our nationalities intend to buy the so-called pureblooded dogs and require the confirmation of blood certificates, they should make their purchases from the suppliers with whom they are familiar or certify that the certificate-issuing organizations have a whole and sound system.

COA states that if people intend to breed pets, they may take it as a preferred consideration to go to public or private animal shelters in various locations for adoption, apart from purchasing them from shops registered with pets business licenses. The pets offered by animal shelters and currently available for adoption are all evaluated with regard to their adoptability in advance with chips embedded into them and registered as pets. Some dogs are even trained by professional trainers to reduce the time span that breeders and adopted dogs would spend on adjusting to each other. People can go directly to the animal protection information website on for ways to adopt dogs and means to contact public animal shelters in various locations and to obtain the list of suppliers registered with pets business licenses.

Last but not least, COA reiterates that people should stick to the principle of love for animals and a respect for animal life to take good care of their pets. And in case the breeders cannot keep or take care of them properly for one or another reason, they may send them to public animal shelters in various locations for shelter. One should by no means abandon them at will or simply leave them to their own devices lest he should be penalized because of violations against the Animal Protection Law.