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Taiwan-grown Mangoes exported to Australia


In order to step up COA’s efforts to launch Taiwan’s agricultural products into global markets, the Council of Agriculture has entrusted Taiwan’s Vegetable and Fruits Export Association to head for Australia to hold the Promotion Campaign of Taiwan-Grown Mangoes’ export into Australian from 13 to14 July, 2007. Apart from presenting Taiwan-grown mangoes to Australian media and consumers to increase their publicity, the promotion campaign also served to break new ground aggressively in this new market.

COA indicated that, after three years of negotiation, Australia officially announced in past May that Taiwan-grown mangoes, after being steamed hot treatment, are allowed to be exported to Australia, which marks the first time for Taiwan-grown fruits to enter a country with such a strict quarantine inspection as Australia. This breakthrough means a lot to the development of the exportation of Taiwan-grown fruits. From past May till today, 35 tons of mangoes have been exported to Australia and their good quality is well received by Australian importers and consumers, and, as a result, they continue to place their orders.

COA noted that mangoes yield in great abundance in Taiwan from May to July every year. They are endowed with a high quality and degree of sweetness, which makes their harvest season an ideal time for exportation. Among them, the Irvine Mango, which is endowed with a vermilion fruit and sweet juicy pulp enjoying the reputation of apple mango in Japan, is particularly well-liked by consumers both at home and abroad and it makes a product with high export potentials. In order to step up its efforts to increase the export of Taiwan-grown mangoes, COA has planned to entrust Taiwan’s Vegetable and Fruits Export Association to unite exporters to go to Australia to conduct a holistic promotion campaign. A series of promotion campaigns in coordination with distribution channel of traders was conducted simultaneously in various supermarkets and they comprised two parts. First, a Press Conference on the Exportation of Taiwan-grown Mangoes into Australia was held on Level 47, MLC Center at 3 p.m. on 13 July. Australian government officials and local media were invited to the press conference, where Taiwan’s quality mangoes were presented to augment their overseas publicity. Second, in step with distribution channel of exporters, Have-a-Taste promotion campaigns were conducted in retailing outlets of the chain supermarkets in Sidney, Melbourne and Brisbane so as to allow Australian consumers to have a profound appreciation of Taiwan-grown mangoes and increase their export volume.

COA went on to notice that in-season quality fruits grown in Taiwan enjoy a competitive edge when exported to Australia due to Australia’s location in the Southern Hemisphere. The Press Conference on the Exportation of Taiwan-grown Mangoes into Australia is a joint venture among exporters, Australian importers and distribution retailers, and it collaborated with them to conduct promotion campaigns. It is expected to effectively enhance and deepen the impression Australian consumers would have on the peculiar flavor of Taiwan-grown mangoes and achieve the goal of increasing the export of Taiwan’s fruits.