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Agriculture Biotechnology Exhibition Makes its Splendid Appearance in Taipei World Trade Center


Bio Taiwan 2007 Exhibition was held in all its pomp from July 26 to 29 in Exhibition Hall I of Taipei ’s World Trade Center . Agriculture Biotechnology Pavilion, of which the Council of Agriculture is in charge, is a joint venture between various improvement and testing venues affiliated with COA and research and academic institutes independent of COA. It displayed the concrete accomplishments in the diversified application of biotechnology to agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry areas.

COA indicated that, in order to highlight the accomplishments in its effort to advance agriculture biotechnology for the past years, this year’s Agriculture Biotechnology Pavilion plans to exhibit nine theme showcases, each with its own characteristics, as well as 63 newly accomplished R&D results. The nine theme showcases are New Varieties of Grains and Crops for Special Uses, New Varieties of Fruits, New Varieties of Vegetables, New Varieties of Flowers, Variety-Right Protected Phalaenopsis, Hippocampus Kuda and the Living Fossils of the Uniquely Endowed Tachypleus Tridentatus Leach, New Varieties and New Cultivars of Animal Genetic Resources, Bio-Reactors of Domestic Silkworms and Mushrooms. The 63 accomplished R&D results are demonstrated with posters and real things and they encompass seedlings of plants, breeding livestock and poultry, aquatic cultivation, bio-insecticides, bio-fertilizers, bio-agents for animals’ use, functional food and inspection and analysis technology, all of which are the focal research that COA has been pursuing aggressively. This exhibition not only offers the public an opportunity to learn about the accomplishments of the research that COA has been working on for the past year but also provides the manufacturers with the service of on-site and face-to-face explications by the R&D institutes.

At the same time, COA also held a press conference of R&D accomplishments in agriculture bio-technology in Conference Room 3 on Second Floor of World Trade Center at 2 p.m. on July 26 th simultaneously. Presentations will be made by elite bio-scientists from various improvement and testing venues affiliated with COA , including Liquid Automated Mass Producing Inoculation System, Carbonyloxy Camptothecin Produced by the Groups of Green-Crispy Twigs with Downy Roots , Research and Analysis of the Activity of Pharmaceutical Plants, Anti-Oxidization Products Made from Colored Rice, Mountain Yam and Sweet Potatoes, Seaweed Carbohydrate That Adjusts Immune System and Advocates Internal Environmental Protection and Production of Multi-Generative Animals Among Different Species. The visitors gained much from all of the six presentations.

COA stressed again that agriculture lays the foundation for a country’s development and Taiwan takes the lead in its level of agricultural technology among Asian countries. R&D and innovation have always been the locomotive that forwards Taiwan ’s agricultural development. Taiwan finds itself somewhere between the developed countries in Temperate Zone and developing countries in the tropics and enjoys the geographical and climatic advantages of the subtropics. If Taiwan takes advantage of the basis of its advanced technology, steps up the R&D cooperation with biotechnologies of genetic engineering, cultivation of cells and tissues and bio-tech certification, sets up a technological platform that is able to generate business opportunities and targets the market with a competitive edge, it is believed to be able to grasp the opportunities presenting themselves in the international stage of agricultural high-tech development.