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Rice from Taiwan is a Timely Relief of Lesotho ’s Food Shortage Plight


The Council of Agriculture has gone hand in hand with World Vision Taiwan to deliver 2,500 tons of rice with a worth of 1.97 million USD to the Kingdom of Lesotho as a relief aid. The rice is expected to arrive in installments in July and will relieve in time the extreme food shortage in Lesotho .

Affected by climatic change, the area in southern Africa has seen an unusual drought, leaving millions of people to starve from a food shortage. The produce in Lesotho mostly withers because of the lasting drought and its agricultural yield plummets accordingly. Last year, its crop harvest reduced by 60 percent, and, this year, it faces the worst drought in thirty years. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations proclaimed that one fifth of its 1.9 million population is in need of food aid from around the world. COA has gone hand in hand with World Vision Taiwan to deliver 120,000 sacks of rice printed with a R.O.C national flag logo and a Chinese-English bilingual phrase of Love From Taiwan to Lesotho in three shipping installments starting from past June. The 2,500 tons of rice from Taiwan are expected to exercise a thirst-quenching effect on the people at the moment when Lesotho badly needs food.

COA indicated that Taiwan ’s rice relief serves to meet the basic needs of the disadvantaged in Lesotho through various plans by World Vision Taiwan and, in keeping with the Work in Exchange For Aid give-away method, offers to help farmers improve their lives and teach them the environmental protection concepts to bar the speedy farmland acreage reduction. Besides, COA promotes precautions against AIDS and helps the people to learn about AIDS to reduce the risks of infection and train them to lead a healthy life and increase their productivity. According to statistics by Word Vision Taiwan , the humanitarian aid of 2,500 tons of rice will benefit 120,000 people in Lesotho .

COA went on to note that, in order to demonstrate its humanitarian concerns and to fulfill the duty of reciprocating the international community, Taiwan has set aside a considerable quantity of rice to deliver it to the countries of the world suffering from food shortage in its humanitarian relief work. Overseas rice aid from Taiwan not only helps spread its love across the world but also improve its international image as well.