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An Expression of Affection on Fathers’ Day 2007---Flowers Dedicated to Lovers in the Previous Life


The Council of Agriculture indicated that it was to hold on Fathers’ Day (August 8) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. a Flower Show entitled An Expression of Affection for Fathers—Flowers Dedicated to Lovers in the Previous Life in the plaza of Shin Kong Life InsuranceBuilding across from Taipei Railroad Station. It featured three in-season flowers characterized by their solar vitality, namely Gerbera, Sunflowers and Anthurium Andraeanum Linden, to represent fathers’ image and style of comportment and recommend the people to avail themselves of the flowers to give an expression of their affection and gratitude for their fathers.

COA pointed out that Gerbera is endowed with a variety of bright colors, symbolizing the different roles fathers have to play from time to time to take care of their children and the smiles they always put on their faces as well as the charm in demonstrating their fortitude. Sunflowers are the harbinger flowers, which are in full bloom and full of vitality in midsummer. And they are likened to fathers who always give timely advice to their children facing an important juncture in their lives. Anthurium Andraeanum Linden gives forth warmth and passion, standing for fathers’ vitality and amicability, and are suitable for the expression of buddy-like affinity children feel for their fathers.

COA made it clear that, in order to make it possible for the people to convey their blessings to their fathers, Taipei Floral Station and florist’s shops across the island affiliated with Taiwan Florists’ Association launched the three featured flowers on the eve of Fathers’ Day to facilitate people’s purchase of the flowers. If they cannot find the time to make their purchase by themselves, they are able to place their orders in the on-line flower shops.

COA went on to indicate that the organizer would invite a mysterious guest of honor to play the flower gift magician to give a floral arts show in this Fathers’ Day event. Besides, there would also be held the second round of hourly lectures on in-season flower gifts and floral arts and the third round of events, in which flower gifts will be given away for uttering a word of love to daddies. COA would make ready with three kinds of flowers with a sum total of 888 stems to be given away to the public for them to get across their affection for their fathers and a triple blessing of prosperity.