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COA conducted the Result-Announcement Conference of 2007 Ten Best Taiwan Fruits Election with All Pomp.


In order to allow consumers to learn more about the high quality, fresh, safe and luscious Taiwan fruits, establish the distinction between Taiwan fruits and imported fruits and increase domestic consumption of high quality Taiwan fruits, the Council of Agriculture had held 2007 Ten Best Taiwan Fruits Election from July through October. After four months of vote-casting, the total vote count amounted to be 1.69 million, and those Taiwan fruits picked out to be finalists are strawberry, mango, wax apple, sugar apple, pear, lichee, grape, banana, watermelon and pineapple. It had held the result-announcement conference presided over by Minister Su in the auditorium on the fifth floor of COA on 29, November. He bestowed certificates of honor upon the prefecture and city governments which recommended the ten best fruits in a gesture of encouragement. The award-bestowing occasion was abuzz with activities and it succeeded in marketing quality Taiwan fruits.

Minister Su indicated in his address that it was the first time that COA held Ten Best Taiwan Fruits campaign, and, after four months of keen competition, the fruits that were elected to be the ten best Taiwan fruits stand for the great variety of Taiwan fruits and build up the brand image of Taiwan quality fruits. He hoped that they would be able to gain a competitive edge in either domestic or international market. Minister Su stressed that since Ten Best Taiwan Fruits Election was conducted, the sales of Taiwan fruits for this year increased by thirty percent, and the on-line vote-casting allowed the younger generation to gain a deeper knowledge of the merits of Taiwan fruits so as to make them take to Taiwan fruits. As for children, they can take advantage of this campaign to learn the fruits’ English names, their places of production, and, through participation in the event, they get to purchase, consume and like them. Seen from this perspective, the seeds of fondness for Taiwan fruits take roots in a tender age, and the potential markets of Taiwan fruits can be thus expanded. As a consequence, the future agriculture is full of unlimited hope and prospect. Minister Su brought it home that the ten best Taiwan fruits are choice ones and their places of production are all over Taiwan, which means they are the pride of every prefecture and city where they are grown. They are expected to vie with foreign fruits and sure to be crowned with glory in the international market. On the part of fruit growers, they are responsible for putting in place their marketing strategies to augment their market value so as to achieve the goal of a win-win situation for both consumers and producers. He also called on people across Taiwan to make as much purchase as possible of fresh and palatable Taiwan fruits.

In order to express its gratitude for people’s warm reception and support, COA has conducted a public lucky draw for those who participated in on-line vote casting and the collection of magnetic puzzle pieces. There are 600 plus prizes, including a 42-inch plasma TV set, bicycles, vouchers for a stay in recreational farms, 5,000 NTD-worth fruit certificates, and delicately made fruit calendars. Under the on-site witness of Lawyer Whai-chuen Zhang, Minister Su used the computerized random selection to pick out Chi-ze Lee from Yilan from the name list of those who took part in on-line vote casting, and Mien-ke Yang from Changhua from the name list of those who had completed the collection of thirty magnetic puzzle pieces. These two fortune-favored persons were each given the biggest prize of a 42-inch plasma TV set. Besides, local governments, on behalf of those who took part in on-line vote casting and the collection of magnetic puzzle pieces, helped draw out the reaming 560 and 50 winners respectively. The names of these winners are to be made public on the website of Ten Best Taiwan Fruits Election:

COA made it clear that Ten Best Taiwan Fruits campaign has succeeded in prompting people to gain a deeper knowledge of Taiwan fruits, and it has especially triumphed in attracting the attention of the younger generation and making them get to like and increase the consumption of Taiwan fruits. The thirty fruit candidates recommended by prefecture and city governments in this event are all important economic value fruits and the ten finalists are particularly favored by people in Taiwan. COA urged all people to take concrete actions to purchase Taiwan quality fruits, allowing fruit growers to feel our enthusiastic support for Taiwan fruits.