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“One Person One Tree Make the Taiwan Green” Program Declared by COA


In view of the severity of the issue of global warming, in 2007, the APEC conference had set this world future sustainable development as its main agenda. When all the people over the world are making their efforts to tackle this hot issue, if the people live in Taiwan also making the same effort it will contribute a lot to the protection of the Earth. Owing to this consideration, Mr. Su, Chia -chuan, minister of the Council of Agriculture, formally announced one of its 2008 main programs of COA is “ One Person One Tree make the Taiwan Green “ days ago. And after the declaration of the start of this meaningful program ,COA immediately instructed the Forestry Bureau, its affiliate, to invite related agencies to discuss how to implement this program jointly and cooperatively. Starting from the planting tree month which comes on March this year, one of the government important missions is to make all the effort to fully implement this protecting Taiwan and the Earth program.

The main mission of this year’s planting month of COA is to educate and communicate this program to all the people of Taiwan for them to recognize that if each one of them can plant a tree in his life he will greatly contribute the Earth’s sustainability. And if this program expand to all the other government agencies and non-profit organizations as well as to the 23 million people live in Taiwan, not only it is greatly helpful for the Earth sustainability but also it will become a bountiful heritage for the next generation.

In order to comprehensively implement this program so that we have a greener living environment, the goal of this year planting tree month will be to implement toward this target fully. To materialize this objective, COA have chosen 12 special trees for the planting day for participating people to plant, hoping the resonance of the chosen specific trees and the planting day could bring the relationship between the forest and the people closer, and also acknowledging the public of the importance of the trees and the forest. In addition, through this way it serve to remind the public choosing his or her favorable tree to plant in the spring time, also, take good care of the tree he planted so that the planting and the care of the tree activities can be well taken at the same time. Eventually, hoping the question “ have you planted the tree?” become a common courtesy language when people meet.

COA will also distribute a “tree identification card” to the person who plants the tree. The card can be used for recording the name, tree variety and the place of the tree for the memory of the tree-planter. It can also serve as a reminder to remind the planter to see the tree at the appropriate time. For the agencies, organizations or individual planters who achieve their planting goal ,the Forestry Bureau of COA will present a trophy to them publically to show its appreciation.

Beside a huge group of people participating in this activity, minister of Environment Protection Agency, Mr. Chen, Chung- hsin , the magistrate of Pingtung county, Mr. Cao,Chi -hung, vice executive officer of China Steel Structure Co.,Ltd ., Mr. Chung, Lo-min, representative of the Lan -yang campus, Tamkang university, Mr. Lin, Chi- hong , president of the Chung- cheng Community Development Association, Hsi -chi, Taipei county, Mr. Lee, Tsao-fa as well as president of the New Hometown Cultural and Educational Foundation, Mr.Liao , Chia-chan represent central, local government , industry, community, school as well as private sectors respectively, all present to support this program hoping attending this activity can attract more organizations and the general public to actively participate this program in the future.In addition to the 300 trees seedlings distributing to the people at the above-mentioned activity, on Feb.16( Saturday ) a much more large planting tree ceremony called “ One Tree One Person making the Hometown Green” also hold in Pingtung county. At that day, more tree seedlings were distributed to the participating people. Besides, at the 8 local forestry branch offices over this island under the Forestry Bureau of COA will also hold varied planting trees activities to distribute more of the tree seedlings to the people in order to promote the effect of this program and also meeting the local people’s requirement to planting more trees at their area.

The related information concerning this program are available at the Forestry Bureau web site( ). In addition, a activity called “ Happy planting Tree Day “ to acquire the excellent planting tree card will also be hold by the Forestry Bureau. The best one card will be awarded NT$30,000 and a trophy. On the website you also can find the planting as well as the trees-care information. We sincerely hope all the people of Taiwan come and join our planting the tree activities to accomplish the dream of a green Taiwan.