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Council of Agriculture Invites People to Join the "Healthy Ecological Tours in Summer Time Series Activities" to Experience LOHAS from Agriculture


“ Healthy, Efficient and Sustainable Management ” is the core value of COA. The purpose of organizing the “ Healthy Ecological Tours in Summer Time Series Activities ” , therefore, is to help people of the country to appreciate the fantastic relationship between human beings and nature. Based on their characteristics, the activities are categorized by three main themes, respectively “ Fun with the Forest ” , “ Play with the Plants ” and “ Relax in Rural Life ” . Not only have these activities offered diversified recreational choices for the public, they have also enabled the participants to experience the great agricultural achievements in various aspects, including rural construction, forest ecology and forestry research, etc.

“Relax in Rural Life”, one of the three main themes of the “Healthy Ecological Tours in Summer Time Series Activities” is focused on experiencing the rural life. Holders of “Passport for Rural Tours” issued by the government are allowed to tour around 123 rural villages around the country, collecting points and stamps of the commemorative chops. “Fun with Forest ”, the forest-based series of activities, enables people to learn from and follow the nature by touring around the paths and recreational areas in the forests. A “Nature’s Classroom in Forests without Leftover” is made available under this theme. “Play with Plants” will be arranged in botanic gardens. Theme-based tour guides are provided to enable people in cities to access to plant ecologies in the nearby Taipei Botanical Garden . The activities are arranged at different time and based on different themes, therefore very suitable for family nature tours. People interested are recommended to arrange these recreational activities based on their own need, so as to improve their agricultural knowledge while enjoying the activities.

Dr. Chen Wu-Hsiung, Minister of the Council of Economics, indicated that the style of recreational life in Taiwan has been gradually changing in recent years. Experience of rural life, which emphasizes the interaction between human beings and nature, has become one of the emerging markets for tourism and recreational activities. Some farmers, particularly, have successfully converted the natural resources in rural villages into facilities for rural life tasting. Farm houses and barns have been renovated and become unique-styled private guest houses. They also offer meals with unique flavors as well as interesting DIY activities to attract tourists who wish to have a profound tour experience. This gives birth to many new tourist spots, leading to the prosperity of many withering rural communities. He recommends people in the country to get a “Passport for Rural Tours” and visit the 123 successfully-constructed rural villages to witness the revitalization of these places.

Minister Chen further indicated that, forest activities have long been the preferred recreational choices by people who care about health and physical fitness. With a philosophy to pursue simply the best, COA has further made use of the existing forest paths, forest recreational areas, cultural gardens and ecological educational gardens to build up a new and “ no leftover ” forest environment for people, advocating the respect to nature. Forests have been turned into natural education centers, offering high-quality learning environment and great outdoor recreational experience to people. In “ Taipei Botanical Garden ” , themed guided tours are available every Sunday. People living in cities are enabled to get familiar with more than 2000 species of plants just in their neighborhood. Botanical gardens are good recreational spots which also offer the opportunities for learning. The Council of Agriculture invites all people to join the Healthy Ecological Tours in Summer Time Series Activities and experience LOHAS from agriculture.

Holding a core value of “Healthy, Efficient and Sustainable” , COA has also earned recognition and support from many business enterprises. Senior managers from enterprises, including Merida Bicycles, Comestibles Maste r Co., Ltd. (85 oC), Chunghwa Telecom XUITE, T John Transportation Co., Ltd, OK Convenience Store and Taiwan Travel News, have all participated in the press conference for the Healthy Ecological Tours in Summer Time Series Activities and showed their support to Minister Chen and the policies of COA. All these large-sized local enterprises have expressed their preparedness to practically participate in the activities and patron the Council of Agriculture, endeavoring to create a new page for the agriculture industry of Taiwan through their collaborative efforts.

Contact Person: Shih Jin Lu, Deputy Director General,
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