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COA promotes Taiwanese eel products in Japanese market


    The Council of Agriculture (COA) has launched a campaign to raise
the quality  of eel production  and promote eel products  exports  to
overseas markets, especially those in Japan.

    As part of the campaign,  the Union  of Eel and Shrimp  Breeders'
Farming Development Cooperatives, a nonprofit group under the subsidy
of COA, held the "Taiwan-Japan Symposium on Eel Resources and
Aquacultural Management," from Nov. 4-5.

    Japanese government officials, and experts from academia and
research institutes were invited to participate in the event.

    The topics of the symposium include the resources, breeding and
quality management of eel fry, both domestic and overseas marketing
and promotion strategies, counseling measures taken by government,
and new knowledge and studies of eel breeding. The participants from
both sides have exchanged opinions at the event to Taiwan's domestic

    Hopefully, it will raise the quality of eel aquaculture management
so customers' desire to make purchases will increase.

    In recent years, Taiwan has launched a series of campaigns to
promote Taiwan's high-quality eel products exports to Japan, which is
Taiwan's largest overseas market for the snakelike fish, according to
the Council.

    In order for the quality of Taiwan's eel products to meet the
Japanese consumers' standards, key players in the Japanese eel
industry were invited to have discussions on topics concerning eel
breeding, the Council noted.

    On the first day, the Japanese visitors immediately visited the
leading  eel farms in the Tainan  and Chiayi areas to understand the
natural breeding environment and technique of farming eels in Taiwan.

    Following the visit, owners of the eel sector from both sides
held a discussion on how to strengthen mutual exchange and further

    On the second day,  local owners of eel farms participated in the
seminar session in which both Taiwanese and Japanese researchers
provided the latest technique and results of studies including the
influence of eel feed on eel quality, the new reagent invented by the
COA and information  on eel fry resource management, as well as the
methods of releasing eels into the rivers.

    The symposium was designed to help Taiwan's eel  industry
expand into the Japanese market and push Taiwanese products into the
 international limelight.