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CAS Taiwan Chicken Eggs enter Foreign Market after First Shipment Reaching Hong Kong


The Council of Agriculture (COA) said Hong Kong consumers can buy “fresh, tasty, safe, healthy” high quality CAS Taiwan chicken eggs now! Under the efforts by the government and livestock farmers, high quality CAS Taiwan chicken eggs have successfully entered the Hong Kong market in 2011 and a good reputation is expected to be established in Hong Kong.

CAS Chicken Eggs Enter HK Market for First Time to Strengthen Competitiveness of Taiwan Agricultural and Gain Benefits for Egg Farmers

Hong Kong is a financial hub in the Asia-Pacific region, the most active export and import trade center, and a major bridge connecting the global market, noted the COA. Although chicken eggs of some Taiwan brands have been exported to Hong Kong and highly praised, but the Council still strive to strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwan agricultural protnets and expand chicken eggs’ foreign markets. Capitalizing Taiwan’s geographical advantages and actively assisting and integrating 19 certified manufacturers to supply CAS chicken eggs under the common brand “Quality Taiwan Egg,” the COA has facilitated the opening of the Hong Kong market to Taiwan eggs with the appeal of “Quality Taiwan egg, direct shipping from Taiwan.” Therefore, quality Taiwan eggs can be delivered to Hong Kong consumers in very shortest time for them to enjoy Taiwan-produced “fresh, tasty, safe and healthful” CAS eggs. The COA expressed the hope again that Taiwan egg farmers can get help through this opportunity to further expand foreign markets.

With Advantage of “Being Produced in Strict Process with Raw Materials from Taiwan” CAS Chicken Eggs Are Publicly Acclaimed

The COA stressed that CAS, which stands for Certified Agricultural Standards, is a label awarded to products with the feature of “being produced in strict process with raw materials from Taiwan,” which have been promoted by the government under the concept of “quality agriculture” and “safe agriculture.” And the CAS label certification has been implemented in Taiwan for more than 22 years under strict label and production process quality control systems. All CAS egg products use Taiwan-produced chicken eggs as the raw material. The government has clearly defined their product categories, quality specifications, standards and content of product label, and regularly inspect production facilities, production process and quality control. Therefore, the CAS chicken egg label has the meaning of “peace of mind, safety, quality guarantee,” not only establishing a good image in the mind of consumers but also meeting consumer demand for high quality and safety.

Hong Kong Consumers Invited to Buy Preferred Brand of CAS Chicken Eggs

The COA further noted that to enhance Hong Kong consumers’ impression of quality CAS Taiwan eggs, the Council and National Animal Industry Foundation will conduct relevant promotional activities for the first shipment of Taiwan CAS chicken eggs exported to Hong Kong. And from now on consumers can buy Taiwan CAS chicken eggs at the following six sales channels: APITA/UNY/PIAGO; JUSCO Living Plaza; YATA Department Store; Pacific SOGO; City’ Super; and Great Supermarket/Taste Supermarket. The entry of CAS chicken eggs into Hong Kong for the first time is of great significance, representing another successful expanding of the international market by Taiwan agricultural products. And the COA expressed the hope that the visibility of Taiwan egg products in the Hong Kong market can be successfully enhanced for them to become the preferred brand when Hong Kong residents do the shopping. (2011-12-08)