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Dazzling Results of Pineapple Export with Both Volume and Value Growing More Than 30%


Pineapple is one of Taiwan’s major export fruits and to expand the export of pineapples the Council of Agriculture (COA) has actively assisted pineapple orchards in signing letters of intent to cooperate with exporters in recent years, and introduced the safety management system to upgrade quality of locally produced pineapples, said the Council. And the COA has specially promoted the establishment of export pineapple production areas in 2011 and marketed pineapple as one of safe Taiwan fruits with the “Safe Agricultural Products (Gi-Am-Pu)” label. As of the end of 2011, 2,906 metric tons of such pineapples totaling US$2.68 million were exported, increasing 40.9% and 31.2% respectively over the same period of 2010 to set a new record high export volume and value of fresh pineapples in 20 years.


Establishing Export Pineapple Orchards and Areas and Upgrading Pineapple Quality to Create Premium Image


The Coucil noted that major production areas of local pineapples are scattered in Pingtung, Tainan, Chiayi, Kaohsiung and Nantou, and to implement safety management of export pineapple orchards the COA has established the system of registering export pineapple orchards, introduced the bar code tracking system, integrated supply orchards to promote pineapple production in designated areas, conducted soil inspection and testing as well as plant analysis, and planned the formulation of export pineapple collection yard operation regulations. In the future the Council will evaluate the feasibility of mechanizing operations for export pineapples. Moreover, educational trainings for pineapple farmers will be carried out in concert with production areas and production periods, hoping to upgrade the quality of pineapples through various industrial assistance and guidance measures.


Mainland Chinese Market Has Great Demand for Premium Taiwan Pineapples


At present, cultivar “Golden Diamond” (Tainung No. 17) is the number one variety of export Taiwan pineapple, followed by “Sugar Apple” (Tainung No. 4), “Perfume” (Tainung No. 11) and “Milky Pineapple” (Tanung No. 20). All these pineapples are with high sugar content and flavor of typical tropical fruits and they are greatly favored in the Japanese and Chinese markets, especially in China. Being benefited from cross-strait direct transport, 1,923 metric tons of Taiwan pineapples totaling US$1.59 million were exported to China as of the end of November 2011, increasing 107% and 83% respectively over the same period of the previous year when 930 tons of pineapples valuing at US$870,000 were exported, and making China Taiwan pineapples’ largest export market.


Continue Developing International Markets to Increase Farmers’ Income


To continue expanding pineapple export markets and smoothing the export pipeline, the COA has promoted the marketing of Taiwan pineapples using the “Gi-Am-Pu” label as the common brand, and negotiated with Chinese authorities to facilitate Taiwan pineapples’ customs clearance through the platform established by the Cross-strait Agreement on Agricultural Product Quarantine and Inspection Cooperation. Meanwhile, the Council has planned to sponsor promotional activities in Japan, China and Hong Kong with an aim to encourage consumption in these target markets, and also actively expanded marketing channels in foreign countries where COA personnel are stationed, hoping that pineapple exports will continue growing in the future to increase farmers’ income. ( 2011-12-23)