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“Wanxiang” – Base for Sale of Taiwan Agricultural Products in Shanghai Attracts Huge Crowd on December 25, 2011


After making preparations for one year, “Wanxiang,” the base for sale of Taiwan agricultural products Uni-President Dream Parks Corp. was entrusted by the Council of Agriculture (COA) with establishing in Shanghai, started trial operation in the afternoon on December 25, 2011 and some 300 items of premium Taiwan agricultural products on display attracted a large number of consumers to visit and purchase, noted the COA. Located on the ground floor of the Shanghai ASE Center beside

Taikang Road
, the base for sale has very convenient transportation because customers can reach it easily by riding Shanghai Metro Line 9 to Dapuqiao station. Since the base is near the central lot of renowned Shanghai tourist attraction Tianzifang, plus the attraction effects of the ASE Center, it is expected that “Wanxiang” will attract more and more China’s consumers in the future, effectively promoting the premium image of Taiwan agricultural products.


Capitalizing Direct Transport and ECFA Niche to Build Best Platform for Export of Taiwan Agricultural Products to China


The COA said that to capitalize the niche of opening cross-strait direct transport and signing the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) and actively expand overseas markets for Taiwan agricultural products, the Council entrusted Uni-President Dream Parks Corp., a subsidiary of Uni-President Enterprises Corp., with implementing the Shanghai Base Project, hoping to establish the Shanghai base as the best propaganda and sale platform for Taiwan agricultural products in China by drawing on Uni-President marketing and retail experts.


Displaying Taiwan Agricultural Culture and Development and Marketing Farm Produce with Taiwan Features by Telling Stories


The base’s name “Wanxiang” literally means “a feast from Taiwan,” explained the Council. Its name is written in traditional Chinese characters to demonstrate Taiwan features and the overall design is based on Taiwan’s culture and true stories about Taiwan agriculture, aiming to show the sweet content of authentic Taiwan agricultural products. The base is divided into product selling area, product tasting area, cultural products area and theme exhibition area, displaying some 300 different kinds of products for trial operation. Products on display include such diversified agricultural, forest, fishery and livestock products as 100 fine products selected from various farmers’ associations and fishermen’s associations, CAS premium agricultural products and GAP safe Taiwan vegetables and fruits. Moreover, on-site exhibition telling the most exciting and moving stories of Taiwan agricultural development and product tasting allow Shanghai consumers to enjoy delicious Taiwan food while experiencing the rich content and humanities hidden in Taiwan agriculture.


Fresh Taste of Authentic Taiwan Agricultural Products Leads Consumption Trend on Shanghai Riverbanks


In response to the rising of the Chinese consumption market and taking into consideration the fact that Chinese people are quite fond of Taiwan fruits, the Shanghai base will present wax apple, jujube and pineapple sugar-apple in the forthcoming first wave of activities marketing Taiwan agricultural products, expecting to bring to Shanghai residents a feast of the most fresh Taiwan tropical fruits. In the future the Shanghai base will sponsor routinely promotional activities for fresh fruits and fine agricultural products from various Taiwan districts and take orders for gift packages prior to festivals, giving Chinese consumers the opportunity to taste and buy authentic Taiwan agricultural products! Moreover, Taiwan businesspeople working in mainland China can also relive the most memorable home taste through the Shanghai base, and it is expected to lead a new trend towards consuming more Taiwan agricultural products! ( 2011-12-26)