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Agricultural Pavilion Shows Added Value in Exhibition


 The 2014 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart (INST) is jointly held by the Council of Agriculture (COA), Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defense, and Ministry of Science. Organized by the COA, the “Agricultural Pavilion” is divided into three major themes displaying 47 research results full of international market potential. Moreover, it hosts an international workshop on “Creating Synergy, Partnership and New Business Opportunities in Agriculture,” and arranges one-on-one business talks to expand business opportunities. Every visitor was welcome to take a look at the results of COA’s research and development (R&D) in the pavilion.

 Agricultural technology creates added value

 The COA said that it has always been actively showing innovations and technologies of agriculture through this event, which are innovative enough and ready for commercial use after technology transfer. Last year, it displayed 45 technologies, 35 of them transferred to the companies interested through the show. For example, COA’s Fisheries Research Institute used to develop functional ingredients from brown algae and transferred related technologies to the companies that further produce six kinds of commodities in three major fields of health food, skin care and pet care. These products are widely marketed over the world’s six major areas. These successful examples show an opportunity for Taiwan’s agricultural technology to be further commercialized and industrialized.

 The COA noted that this year’s Agricultural Pavilion focuses on three exhibition areas: “Breeding,” “Safe and security” and “LOHAS.” It shows 47 agricultural technologies with international market potential. For instance, new LED pest trap can effectively prevent lesser grain borers without pesticides and have the function of energy efficiency. New planting and cultivation techniques in the plant factory use environmental control to grow healthy and safe wasabi with high economic value. New Tilapia fish breeding and its application technology can improve the breeding efficiency of this important export fish. New storage technology can improve the flavor of meat stored at room temperature and extend its expiration date. Prior to the exhibition, the COA has sent newsletters with information about technology transfer talks. During the exhibition, it arranges one-on-one meetings where research staffs can discuss cooperative opportunities with the companies interested from different industries. These kinds of large-scale international exhibitions can activate marketing channels of agricultural technology results and comprehensively upgrade Taiwan’s agricultural industry.

 Launch agricultural partnership internationally

 For the purpose of actively promoting cross-border cooperation opportunities and activating international exchanges of agricultural technology, the COA hosted an international workshop on “Creating Synergy, Partnership and New Business Opportunities in Agriculture” at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall on September 19 during the period of exhibition. International experts known for promoting industrialization of agricultural technology from Canada, Israel, Denmark and Taiwan, as well as venture capitals were all invited to participate in the workshop together. Along with Taiwan’s domestic enterprises, they discussed issues about agricultural technology, industrial promotion and cooperation model. During the process, it was expected to summarize concrete cooperation directions, establish substantial partnership, and expand Taiwan’s specific agricultural R&D technologies into the international arena.