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Experts from 15 Countries Gather in Taiwan to Exchange Innovative Post-harvest Treatment Technologies of Fruit and Vegetable


 In order to promote the development of innovative post-harvest treatment technologies of fruit and vegetable in Asia Pacific area, the Council of Agriculture (COA) entrusted National Chung-Hsing University with organizing the 2014 Innovative Post-harvest Treatment Technologies of Fruit and Vegetable Seminar jointly with Asian Productivity Organization (AP0) from Nov. 3 through 7, 2014. Hundreds of experts representing the 15 participating countries, namely, Singapore, the United States, Malaysia, Cambodia, Fiji, Iran, India, Indonesia, Laos, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan congregated here for the event. The occasion facilitated these experts from the industry, government, and a cademic sectors to exchange opinions and establish an international network. Furthermore, it helped put the outstanding Taiwanese agricultural technologies under the spotlight on an international stage.

 The COA explained that APO is a non-profit international organization focusing on offering technical and management services to the industrial, agricultural, and service sectors for its member nations so that their productivity and social economy can be strengthened and the living quality of their people can be improved. The organization was established in 1961, and Taiwan was one of its founding nations. Currently, it has 20 member countries and organizes international seminars annually in different countries in accordance with the actual needs of economic development in its member countries. Alternatively, experts selected by APO would travel to its member country to give guidance and share the latest knowledge, concepts, and approaches. Every year the COA makes joint efforts with APO to organize international agricultural activities in Taiwan, and APO Secretary-General Mari Amano has publicly praised the agricultural activities organized by Taiwan on numerous occasions, acknowledging Taiwan's contribution in enhancing agricultural productivity among APO member countries.

 The COA further stated that the topics of the seminar included: 1. Challenges and opportunities following fruit and vegetable post-harvest loss, 2. Innovative pre-, mid-, and post-harvest treatment for fruit and vegetable, 3. Food quality and safety assurance for fruit and vegetable supply chains, 4. Temperature-chain management and logistic, and 5. Creative marketing strategy for fruit and vegetable. The participating member countries would share their respective current development status of post-harvest treatment technologies of fruit and vegetable supply chain, followed by panel discussions where experts come up with constructive suggestions that would be concluded in the final report. All of these aimed to enhance the management know-how and improve the living standard and productivity of each APO member country.

 In order to provide the participating experts with an in-depth understanding of the current development of post-treatment of fruit and vegetable in Taiwan, the COA has arranged a field trip for the representatives to visit Hankuan Fruit & Vegetable Production Cooperative and Chia Hsien Fruit & Vegetable Marketing Cooperative which showcased the innovative post-harvest treatment technology in Taiwan. Besides, the opportunity enabled the exchange with international experts and helped Taiwan in obtaining the latest international agricultural technology thus increasing the competitiveness of the industry.