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Agricultural Incubator Program Integrated Resources and Created Business Opportunities with Fruitful Achievement 


  In order to industrialize research findings by offering better services and increase mutual cooperation between enterprises and research institutions, four innovative incubation centers under the Council of Agriculture (the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, the Fisheries Research Institute, and the Livestock Research Institute) worked cooperatively with Agricultural Technology Research Institute Innovative Incubation Center to organize the post-program presentation to companies stationed at the Incubation Center in Heping administrative building of the COA on July 31. In addition to showcasing their innovative agricultural achievement, the Council hoped to encourage more companies to join and boost the application of technology; at the same time, upgrade the industries' technology.

  The COA stated that the four aforementioned innovative incubation centers were established mainly to provide assistance to companies in developing technology innovation capacity. Compared with the innovation and incubation center in universities, these centers are more industry-oriented and have garnered recognition from participating companies. Nevertheless, in case these companies present the need for business management consultation, they can go to these research institutes to seek assistance from them. After the establishment of the Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) in 2014, the COA took advantage of the resources from planning the Global Logistics for Agriculture Technology Industry Promotion Program and actively carried out the integration of incubation programs with the goal of enhancing the business management, marketing and financial guidance capabilities of ATRI's incubation center for the participating companies. In addition, the COA collaborated with its four innovative incubation centers in establishing an integrated agricultural incubation system, which has already assisted many companies in applying for counseling resources or raising fund. A good example is Lemnaceae Fermentatino Inc. which was successfully listed on Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA) after counseling. Moreover, the company had secured NT$12.5 million worth of venture capital and is currently investing in equipments to expand its production capacity.

   The COA further pointed out that the event not only exhibited 13 innovative R&D results in five different categories such as agricultural machinery and material, beauty and health, food processing, biotechnology, and mass production but also demonstrated outstanding achievements by the participating companies at the incubation center. Additionally, several companies which are at the final stages of their counseling program including Green Power Agriculture Co., Ltd., Hong Ywan International Trading, Shin-Sei Frozen Foods Co., Ltd., De Young Cosmetic Co., Ltd., and Center Laboratories, Inc. were invited to share their experiences in the agricultural incubation center to create more business opportunities under the industry-academy-research collaboration.