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Taiwan’s Agricultural Coalition Seeks to Expand The ASEAN Market


  In order to enhance the visibility and popularity of Taiwan's agriculture among the ASEAN countries, a delegation organized by the Council of Agriculture (COA) participated in the TAIWAN EXPO 2017 from May 12 to 14 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The group introduced Taiwan’s agricultural machinery, equipment and facilities, feed additives, and poultry processing industry to Indonesia and aimed to assist Taiwan’s agricultural technology and agricultural food to expand ASEAN market share as well as build overseas distribution channel in countries covered by the New Southbound Policy.

  The COA stated that Taiwan’s reputation in advanced agricultural technology is well-known throughout the world. The ASEAN countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, showed great interest in Taiwan's agricultural materials, greenhouse equipment and facilities, agricultural machinery, and food processing technology among others, since their agricultural production output plays high percentage of their respective gross domestic production (GDP). The fact that these countries often request to exchange agriculture experience through bilateral meetings or field trips to Taiwan, shows the marketing demand of the ASEAN market. Therefore, the COA accepted the invitation of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), and prudentially selected relevant agricultural associations and businesses to participate in TAIWAN EXPO 2017 in Indonesia with the goal of developing business opportunities in New Southbound Policy countries.

  For Taiwanese agricultural machinery industry, the Indonesian market is very worthy of attention, and products such as sprayer, lawn mower, cultivator, etc. from Taiwan have great competitive edge there. This year, Taiwan Agricultural Machinery and Manufacturers' Association (TAMMA) , with 270 members, participated for Taiwan’s agro-machine manufacturers in the expo and is expected to help establish a negotiation platform and the purchase channel for the agro-machinery sectors. On the other hand, Indonesia boasts a well-developed aquaculture and livestock industry, which yield nearly 60 million hogs, cattle and goats, 2 billion poultry and 410 thousands metric tons of aquaculture products, thus increasing the demand for feed additives has been boosted. Since consumer's awareness for ecological conservation and food safety continue to grow, many aquaculture and livestock businesses started to replace chemical drugs and antibiotics with probiotics. This in turn presents a golden opportunity for Taiwanese non-medicated feed additive manufacturers to expand the market. Furthermore, since Taiwan is located in warm and humid tropical area, the collaboration between COA’s research institutions and private manufacturers has created a three-layer curtain cultivation module suitable for tropical agriculture and capable of regulating temperature and humidity inside the facility. The module is complemented by automatic water supply and recyclable drip irrigation systems, and the goal of achieving environmental protection and energy saving while producing safe vegetables all year-round can be reached. Such innovative technology is highly recommended for Indonesian agricultural producers who relied on facilities to lower the high temperature and secure stable production.

  The COA stressed that more than 90% of the 250 million population in Indonesia is Muslim, which makes it the largest Muslim country in the world. As a result, it has great demand for Halal processed livestock and poultry products. Over the years, COA’s livestock research branches have devoted to breeding new breeds and improving breeding technology. With the close cooperation among Agricultural Production and Marketing groups, processing plants, and business sectors, the achievement of the livestock and poultry industry is praised by all sectors. This year, one of premium poultry food manufacturers, which hold Halal and other international certifications, participated in the expo. Undoubtedly, Taiwan’s excellent, tasty, sanitary, safe, convenient and ready-to-eat poultry products will win the heart of Indonesian consumers.

  In order to take the initiative of expanding ASEAN and Muslim food markets, the COA actively participated in international shows and events while taking the opportunity to promote Taiwan's achievements in agricultural technology to overseas markets. It would also strive to attain smooth distribution channels for Taiwanese agricultural products by requesting relevant countries to eliminate non-tariff trade barriers through bilateral agricultural cooperation meetings, thus increasing the export volume and value.