3 Theme Floats Show the Beauty of Taiwan’s Flowers


  In order to celebrate Taiwan’s national day and support the nation’s flower industry, the Council of Agriculture (COA) invited domestic groups in the floral sector to decorate three theme floats with large quantities of potted plants and flowers. In addition to those floats, beauty queens from Nantou and Changhua, and youths from Taoyuan Young Farmers’ Club and National 4-H Club Association also jointly participated in the National Day Parade on October 10. This lively and joyful team presented the impressive results of the nation’s agricultural achievements, allowing people to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan’s flowers right in front of their eyes.

Theme 1: Safe and tasty local food

  This theme float presents the fruitful results of the agro-food industry and agricultural safety. On it, there is kitchenware made of environmentally friendly materials such as paper pulp from newspaper, with decorations of domestic materials such as red, green and black beans, as well as brown and polished rice. It symbolizes an abundant harvest. Moreover, dozens of local cut flowers, potted flowers and foliage plants, including moth orchids, dancing-doll orchids, flaming lilies and wWhite lilies, are also displayed. This theme emphasizes the safety of agricultural products with the traceable agricultural products (TAP) label and organic label. By seeing those labels can consumers feel safe to enjoy the tasty local food.

Theme 2: Fun in beautiful nature

  Taiwan is surrounded by the sea with diverse natural landscapes and rich ecological features. This whale-shaped theme float, along with high-quality export-oriented flowers and plants, such as moth orchids and dancing-doll orchids, exhibits this beautiful island’s diverse landscapes from mountains, waterfalls, fields to the oceans. The purpose is to promote the nation’s sustainable forest ecologies, livable rural environments, and plentiful marine tourism resources. With a new agricultural value, Taiwan is constructed as a leisure island combining agricultural production, natural resources and sustainable development.

Theme 3: Smart technology and agricultural innovation

  This theme float presents the image of cloud technology, accompanied by the unmanned aerial vehicle, intelligent robot and environment-controlled greenhouse. On it, the latest agricultural technology is decorated with domestic high-quality flowers. It is expected that in the near future, unmanned aerial vehicles will fly over the fields and collect big data with cloud technology. This signifies a new face of agricultural technology different from traditional one, fully demonstrating the nation’s advanced agricultural technology and continuous innovation. The forward-looking technology of smart devices would surely boost the transformation of agricultural sector.

  The COA noted that its theme floats will be exhibited in the Nangang Exhibition Hall C3 after the national day parade. It begins at 18:00 on October 10 and is open from 10:00 to 21:00 between October 11 and 15. At nighttime, moderate lighting are used to light up floats, showing a different nighttime charm. Moreover, polls and lotteries are also held on the scene. People are welcome to see floats, support Taiwan’s floral sector, and feel in person the most beautiful 4D float fest.

Safe and tasty local food.
Safe and tasty local food.

Smart technology and agricultural innovation.
Smart technology and agricultural innovation.

Fun in beautiful nature.
Fun in beautiful nature.

Theme floats show the beauty of Taiwan’s flowers.
Theme floats show the beauty of Taiwan’s flowers.