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The "2018 Food Taipei Exhibition -Taiwan Pavilion" Grand Opening: Attractive Food Products from Taiwan Brightening the World with Idea, Process, and Design Creation


  The 2018 Food Taipei Exhibition (also known as the Taipei International Food Show) opened at the Nankang Exhibition Center and Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center on June 27. The "Taiwan Pavilion" organized by the Council of Agriculture (COA) also held its grand opening ceremony in the morning, conducted by Tuey-chih Lee, Deputy Minister of COA, along with representatives of relevant ministries and industries, thereby giving a boost to the prestige of the "Taiwan Pavilion."

  The COA stated that "Food Taipei Exhibition- Taiwan Pavilion" was located in Area M on the fourth floor of the Nankang Exhibition Center, with the theme being "Great Taste Taiwan." The COA assembled 92 high-quality domestic companies to participate in and enabled the flavor of the "good food" produced from Taiwan's excellent natural environment to go onto the international stage and provide a feast for the international community. The Taiwan Pavilion is divided into three main display areas: the "Taiwan Top Ten Agricultural Food Area," the "Taiwan Good Agriculture Area," and the "Taiwan Specialty Product Area". Of these, for the "Taiwan Top Ten Agricultural Food Area," nearly 200 products were signed up for the competition, and after intense competition, the jury selected ten outstanding products which are specialized with “Jury Grand Prize”, “Flavorful Food Prize”, “Food Innovation Prize”, “Food with Potential Prize”, and “Food Design Prize”

  In addition, the "Taiwan Good Agriculture Area" displayed branded agriproducts. For many years, the TGA Project supported by COA assisted agricultural product exporters to build their brand identity. Those premium products made from crops, livestock, aquatic animals cultivated in Taiwan’s farms, oceans or forests were created a brand image by professional branding teams. Meanwhile, there are five subareas in the "Taiwan Specialty Product Area", and they are agricultural products, livestock products, fishery products, prepared food, and gift or souvenir products. This area displayed all manner of fresh ingredients delivered directly from their production locations, creative snacks, delicate gift and souvenir packages, and delicious prepared food, as well as a variety of health products manufactured from cereal and food for the elderly, thereby demonstrating the diversity of Taiwan's domestic food industry.

  The COA pointed out that for the purpose of enhancing buyers’ and consumers’ understanding of Taiwan food products and increasing trade business, product presentations by outstanding companies held on the main stage of the Taiwan Pavilion each day from 10:30 AM to 3:40 PM during the four-day period of the Food Taipei exhibition (June 27 to June 30). The COA also gave prizes to visitors who "check in" on COA official Facebook, and in the morning of June 30 held the "Elderly-Friendly Food Award” ceremony. The COA explained that in response to the international market trend toward the elderly, it has selected 27 elderly-friendly food products, all made from high-quality ingredients in Taiwan, and which provide with nutrition, flavor, texture, and convenience of preparation, and for which it was worthwhile for buyers to come visit the pavilion and seek for domestic or foreign trade businesses.