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The 3rd Consultation Meeting on Agricultural Cooperation between the Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Indonesia (TETO) and the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei(IETO) was held in Taipei


  The Council of Agriculture (COA), Executive Yuan, ROC and the Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia held the "3rd Consultation Meeting on Agricultural Cooperation between the Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Indonesia and the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei." on June 28 in Taipei.

  The two sides reached consensus on a number of projects in the fields of agricultural cooperation and industrial linkages, including protection of plant variety rights, development of the tropical fruit tree seedling industry, working holidays for young people, rice storage and drying facilities, and agricultural machinery. More importantly, the two sides signed outlines for cooperation in two action plans, one for a "comprehensive agricultural demonstration zone" and one for "strengthening agribusiness incubation and development in the Bandung area."  Through the construction of a demonstration zone in Indonesia, the Taiwan side will bring top-quality agricultural materials and agricultural machinery from Taiwan into Indonesia, as well as its experience in management of agribusinesses and farmers' organizations, to assist Indonesia to develop agriculture. This will also achieve the goal of "mutual aid for the mutual benefit" and implement the New Southbound Policy.

  The COA states that Indonesia is an important target country for Taiwan's New Southbound Policy. In order to implement its flagship program of "regional agricultural development," Taiwan and Indonesia have undertaken numerous consultations, and through the construction of a comprehensive agricultural demonstration zone in Indonesia, Taiwan will introduce its outstanding fertilizer, agricultural machinery, and seedlings, as well as agricultural operational management technology and techniques. After this, the replication of the effectiveness of the demonstration zone will assist Indonesia to expand and develop agriculture and improve the lives of farmers. At the same time, this project should increase sales of Taiwan agricultural materials and agricultural machinery in Indonesia, creating a win-win situation for both countries.

  Ever since the signing of the Taiwan-Indonesia Agricultural Cooperation Agreement in 2016, through convening of annual meetings on cooperation in fisheries and agriculture, we have promoted a number of agricultural cooperation projects, exchanged experiences in agricultural development, and resolved issues of concern in the area of bilateral agricultural trade. At this 3rd Consultation Meeting on Agricultural Cooperation between the TETO and the IETO, the two countries held in-depth discussions on agricultural policy, agricultural technical cooperation, cooperation in technologies and techniques for livestock, comprehensive technical cooperation in agricultural and fisheries, and market entry for agricultural products. Moreover, both sides agreed on agricultural cooperative and industrial linkage projects including construction of the agricultural demonstration zone. These steps should further enhance bilateral agricultural trade between Taiwan and Indonesia, strengthen R&D and cooperation in agricultural science and technology, and promote linkages of the agricultural industries between the two countries.