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Taiwan's FMD Prevention Effort is Recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Council of Agriculture (COA) Minister Lin Tsung-Hsien Flies to Kinmen County to Present the Official Certificate


  Kinmen County's FMD prevention effort is acknowledged by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) as the Taiwanese Delegation accepted the official FMD-free with Vaccination Certificate for Kinmen County at the 86th General Session of the OIE. COA Minister Lin Tsung-Hsien arrived in Kinmen on July 16 to presnt the certificate personally. Minister Lin praised the efforts of relevant officials and encouraged them to maintain Kinmen as a FMD-free county.

  The COA stated that following Taiwan proper as well as outlying Penghu and Matsu's recognition as FMD-free with vaccination last year, all regions of our country are officially recognized as FMD-free with vaccination after the addition of Kinmen County this year. To further achieve the goal of eradicating FMD, Taiwan proper, Penghu, and Matsu have already ceased vaccination. Along with the requirement of health attestation for pigs entering markets and enhancement of all necessary disease prevention measures, the COA hopes to gradually achieve the ultimate goal of being listed as one of the “member countries recognized as free from FMD without vaccination”.

  The COA further stated that the OIE advises that for the time being Taiwan should maintain a 2-zone status (one zone consisting of Taiwan proper, Penghu and Matsu areas, and the other zone consisting of Kinmen County) due to Kinmen County's geographical location as a high-risk zone. Moreover, even-toed ungulates or their products originating from these two zones are subject to strict control processes. In order to comply with OIE rules, the COA would work closely with the Kinmen County Government in strengthening control measures to prevent the invasion of adventitious viruses. If the cessation of vaccination proves to be successful in Taiwan proper, Penghu and Matsu, authorities would also consider withdrawing vaccination in Kinmen County, thus achieving the goal of making all regions of Taiwan officially recognized as FMD-free without vaccination.


COA Minister Lin Tsung-Hsien presents the certificate in Kinmen.