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The Council of Agriculture (COA) Collaborates with the Mitagri Company Sustainable to Improve Exporting Supply Chain


  The Mitagri Company, founded in 2016, was aimed to improve traditional exporting procedures of agriproducts and expands overseas markets. To achieve these purposes, the farmers need to improve in-field crop management, and to reallocate agro-products’ supply seasons, simultaneously to make post-harvest treatments and cold chains better to fulfill buyers’ demands. COA declares to collaborate with the Mitagri company sustainable to improve exporting supply chain.

  Mitagri not only communicates with farmers sincerely to establish well exporting supply chains, but also actively seeks out cooperative partners in Japan, mainland China, Malaysia, Korea, and the Middle East. Currently exporting items include bananas, pineapples, suger apples mangoes, dragon fruits, papayas, lettuces, and carrots, all supplied by domestic farmers’ organizations.

  Public claim that Mitagri rented hundreds or even 2,000 hectares lands from the Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) to produce bananas for exporting, which was firmly denied by Mitagri. The actual situation was Taiwan Banana Research Institute (TBRI) had rented 12 hectares lands from the TSC to carry out the “Banana Modularized Operations Project”, aiming to create standard operating procedures for in-the-fields management of export bananas. The TBRI recruited and trained new blood, sign contracts with Mitagri to export their crops. These bananas will be harvested in the first season in 2019 and bring into a new export demonstration effect.

  COA states, Taiwan’s agricultural structure is mostly made up of small scales, it’s necessary to undertake a production plan aimed at demand in target markets. In order to upgrade the qualities and quantities of exporting agriproducts, it’s also necessary to implement product concentration, grading, quality control in production areas, and to improve cold-chain logistics. COA will assist with Mitagri to cooperate with farmers’ organizations and export businesses to develop overseas markets for Taiwan agriproducts, thereby raising farmers’ incomes.