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Agricultural Incubation Center Brings Fruitful Results


  In order to show the fruitful results of assisting agricultural sector, the Council of Agriculture (COA) held the “2018 Joint Achievement Ceremony of Agricultural Innovation Incubation Center” in COA’s grand auditorium on September 6. At the event, eight companies received certificates and exhibited their achievements with products and posters on-site. In addition, two companies were invited to share their successful experience of being stationed in the incubation center. The COA also introduced the resources of how the incubation center could offer assistance for local agricultural companies. It enables people to witness the efforts and growth of Taiwan small and medium agricultural businesses.

Technology innovation creates business opportunities

  The COA noted that the “Agricultural Innovation Incubation Center” integrates resources from  Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI), Fisheries Research Institute and Taiwan Livestock Research Institute (TLRI) affiliated toCOA and Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI). It aims to provide a comprehensive assistant system covering agriculture, forestry, fishery and livestock industries. This year, these eight companies have fruitful achievements. For instance, Taqkey Science is stationed in the ATRI to develop rapid diagnostic reagents for animal diseases, expand pet disease detection, and actively participate in international professional exhibitions. A startup company called Happy Grazing is stationed in the TLRI as Taiwan first firm producing domestic  grass for pets. Dried alfalfa produced by greenhouse drying technology are superior to imported alfalfa and training courses for new product development were provided. Gigawin Technology Inc. is stationed in the TLRI to develop motion detection and precision management technology combined with RFID, Bluetooth LE and sensor application. It comes up with an environmentally controlled geese house, where the assistant image recognition system can accurately identify data of egg production. Grabio Greentech Corporation is stationed in the TFRI to develop biodegradable seedling cups and dibbling-tube containers which are environmentally friendly products leaving no toxic chemicals after decomposition. Jiahe agricultural products company is stationed in the TARI to optimize the production of mushroom strains and improve strains quality. Now it is one of the largest mushroom strains providers and its quality is highly recognized by the mushroom farmers.

Better service for Taiwan’s agriculture

  The COA stated that the “Agricultural Innovation Incubation Center” provides integral services including technology update, product development and business assistance. From 2014 to 2017, totally 66 companies were stationed in the incubation center, and 114 companies received assistant programs. Many of them grow gradually and have won various awards. According to the statistics, there are 65 cases of technology transfer, 51 cases of government subsidies and awards, as well as increase of 446 new jobs, NT$1.11 billion investment, and NT$2.01 billion revenue. The incubation center serves to assist local companies to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions, pomote companies’ visibility, and accelerate their market expansion. It is expected to help excellent agricultural enterprises stand firmly in Taiwan and increase global competitiveness. The goal is to create a new value for Taiwan agricultural sector.

COA Minister delivers his opening remarks. 

Participants pose for a group photo.