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Hope, Joy, and Happiness in Jietoufen Community, the Birthplace of Taiwanese Opera


  Council of Agriculture Minister Lin, Tsung-hsien visited the birthplace of Taiwanese opera, Yuanshan Township’s Jietoufen Community in Yilan County on the 13th of November. Minister Lin promised to work together with the Yilan County area for the implementation of Regional Revitalization and Rural Regeneration 2.0 Project which aims to create sustainable rural villages suitable for living, working, and leisure. The occasion fostered the interaction and conversation between Yilan County Government, Yuanshan Township Office, and relevant branches of the COA, where the authorities discussed the future innovative development for rural communities. The public officials have also listened to the opinions and suggestions of the communities.

  Jietoufen Community is located on the eastern part of Yuanshan Township with an area of approximately 2.8 km². The said community had taken part in the Rural Regeneration Incubation Project in 2009, and passed the Rural Regeneration Project in 2014. As the birthplace of Taiwanese Opera, Jietoufen Community enjoys a profound and significant historical position in Taiwanese culture. A Taiwanese Opera cultural park was created by the community in order to preserve and to pass down the Taiwanese Opera culture. In addition to enhancing the image and identity of this national heritage in community residents, the authorities also hope to revitalize rural villages, create new possibilities, and develop local community industry through the promotion of Jietoufen’s Taiwanese opera culture. The goal is to steer unique industries towards novel and better path for development.

  Through this talk, the central government would start working alongside local governments and village authorities in transforming Jietoufen Community into the most prominent Taiwanese opera cultural community in Yilan area. Minister Lin concluded the visit by stating his expectation for the area. He hopes that through the integration of all available resources and special projects of the area, Yilan County can lead the way in revitalizing the integral rural tourism industry of the peripheral area, thus creating new value for rural communities, agriculture, and farmers.

Group photo.

Community visit.

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