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A New Chapter in Agriculture through Technology


  In order to expedite the promotion of the New Agriculture Innovation Program, the Council of Agriculture (COA) finalized the New Agricultural Technology Strategic Planning report based on the vision of integrating interdisciplinary resources, creating predictable safety production system, developing innovative new technology, and moving towards resilient sustainable agriculture with high recoverability. Through the interdisciplinary cooperation between biotechnology and agricultural engineering, the implementation of new agriculture could be accomplished. 

Foster the transformation of agricultural industry through agricultural technology

  The COA explained that the drafting of the New Agricultural Technology Strategic Planning report took current development of agricultural-related environment, society and economy in the world as reference, reallocated the present technological resources, and collected the advice of experts in industry, academic and research fields to evaluate the efficiency and strength of various technology related policies and measures. After several discussion sessions, the final conclusion was written into the report. A total of 29 measures from 10 key policies were devised including: 1. Introduce advanced technological assessment to make better use of land resources. 2. By means of intelligent technology, disasters could be alerted in advance to reduce potential damage. 3. Enhance the aquatic livestock production management to ensure animal health. 4. Construct diverse farming system to maintain sustainable environment. 5. Take advantage of agricultural eco-resources to upgrade industrial value. 6. Integrate interdisciplinary resources and grasp state-of-the-art technology to enhance innovative research and development capability. 7. Integrate supply chain management know-how to stabilize the balance between supply and demand. 8. Control the safety from source and improve production quality. 9. Adopt digital technology to link up physical and virtual distribution channels. 10. Highlight functional application of agricultural products to strengthen regional economy. 

  The COA pointed out that the planning of new agriculture technological strategy has combined the three essence of agriculture, namely production, life, and ecology, which may serve as the reference to promote agricultural technology program as well as industrial development. The goal is to set a new agricultural economic service model in Taiwan. 

Support new agriculture program in response to the National Agricultural Conference conclusion

  The COA stated that the program matched the conclusion of the 6th National Agricultural Conference, which aims to achieve resilient agriculture and integrate interdisciplinary resources from various new agricultural technology policies and measures to create a predictable safe production system. In the meantime, advanced technology could be utilized to move towards sustainable agriculture with high recoverability. Backed by Taiwanese agriculture’s profound technological capability, a new agriculture that combines technological innovation, ecological sustainability, and shared value could be achieved.