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Council of Agriculture Minister Chen Chi Chung attends signing of contract between Taiwan and Japanese businesses for the purchase of Taiwan seafood products; the Taiwan Pavilion at Foodex Japan 2019 demonstrates the true strengths and achievements of “Team Taiwan”


  Council of Agriculture (COA) Minister Chen Chi Chung is leading a delegation to Japan to attend Foodex Japan from March 5 through 7. Today (March 7), he went to the exhibition venue to lend moral support to Taiwanese companies exhibiting their products in the “Taiwan Pavilion,” which was organized by the COA. He also attended a ceremony for the signing of a purchasing contract between Taiwan seafood producers at the exhibition and Japanese distributors. Minister Chen stated that a total of 20 Taiwanese seafood businesses are participating in this year’s Foodex Japan, and that in the two days following the opening of the exhibition they had already received orders worth US$60 million (roughly NT$1.8 billion). Companies producing jujube, carrots, frozen sugar apples, and peanuts have also gotten a large number of orders. These encouraging accomplishments indicate that premium agriproducts from Taiwan are popular with consumers in Japan and around the world.

  Japan has long been one of Taiwan’s closest trade partner. Taiwanese seafood products have always had a reputation in Japan for high quality, and they are very popular with Japanese consumers. This morning, with COA Minister Chen and legislators Chiu Yi-ying and Chuang Jui-hsiung in attendance, Chen Wen-jiao, CEO of Taiwan’s Wen Chi Seafood Company, and Yoshihiro Konno, president of Japan’s UTIC Company, signed a “purchasing order for tuna and processed tuna products,” while Tsai Chiuo-tong, president of Taiwan’s Lucky Holder Company, and Yoshinori Tamoto, president of Japan’s Ras Super Fries Company, signed a “letter of intent to purchase Taiwan tilapia, bass, and Sakura shrimp.”

  Last year Taiwan exported more than 80,000 metric tons of aquatic products to Japan, worth US$557.51 million (roughly NT$16.77 billion). The main products exported were tuna, sailfish, and saury, as well as aquaculture-raised eel, Taiwan tilapia, bass (or perch), and grouper. All these products appeared at the Taiwan Pavilion during this year’s Foodex Japan, drawing excited reviews.

  Minister Chen also offered encouragement to each and every company exhibiting in the Taiwan Pavilion, and thanked the business people for their long-term efforts on behalf of Taiwan’s agricultural exports. He moreover promised that the COA will continue to promote the “Taiwan Agriproducts Export Platform,” and to provide all kinds of assistance and support to farmers and businesses to collectively build a brighter future for Taiwan’s agriproduct exports.

COA Minister Chen Chi Chung attending Foodex Japan 2019.

COA Minister Chen Chi Chung attending Foodex Japan 2019.

Foodex Japan 2019