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Taiwan participates in Foodex Japan 2019; premium agriproducts from Taiwan primed for competition


Foodex Japan 2019 will take place from March 5 through 8 at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Japan. The Council of Agriculture (COA) has for the first time decided to set up a “Taiwan Pavilion” for exhibitors from Taiwan to participate collectively. COA Minister Chen Chi Chung will lead outstanding agribusinesses from Taiwan to Tokyo for the event, where they will pro-actively work to seize commercial opportunities in markets in Japan and around the world.

The COA states that one of the main goals of participating in Foodex Japan this year is to win opportunities for Taiwan to supply agricultural and food products to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The COA has set up a “2020 Tokyo Olympics Food Supply Area” in the Taiwan Pavilion, to display to buyers from Japan and other countries Taiwan’s achievements in winning international certifications for its agriproducts, as well as to present premium brand-name agriproducts from Taiwan. The hope is that premium agriproducts and food from Taiwan will be included in the list of food ingredients that will be purchased for the Tokyo Olympics, which will allow even more people around the world to get to know the great taste of Taiwan’s agriproducts.

On the afternoon of March 5, the day Foodex Japan opens, the COA will hold an event entitled “Taiwan Pavilion: Press Conference for Marketing of Taiwan Agriproducts and Meetings with Trading Companies to Negotiate Business Deals” at the nearby Hotel New Otani Makuhari. Major buyers for Japanese domestic sales channels and chain food-and-beverage firms have been invited to attend the event, which will provide businesses from Taiwan and Japan with a meeting platform in order to explore opportunities for the sale of Taiwanese agriproducts to Japan. Chef Suzuki Yoshitsugu, founder of a Michelin ranked restaurant in Tokyo, will be there to prepare a brand new dessert made using Taiwanese bananas, so that Japanese business people and media representatives present at the event can sample the outstanding fruits of Taiwan.

The COA has divided the “Taiwan Pavilion” into two areas: the “Industry Extension Area” and the “2020 Tokyo Olympics Food Supply Area”. A total of 22 firms and industrial associations will participate. They include the Vigor Dong Shih Company, the Yin-Chan International Development Company, the Taiwan Regional Association of Frozen Vegetable and Fruit Manufacturers, the Lucky Holder Company, the Anyong Biotechnology Company, Apollo Aquatic Product, the Bansian Fish Company, the Hu De Huei Enterprise Company, the Hai-Yang Group, Fish Master, the Wen Chi Seafood Company, Kaohsiung Airport Catering Services, the Cha I Shan Foods Company, the Sings Kout Trading Company, the National Animal Industry Foundation, the Jiaxian Fruit and Vegetable Transport and Marketing Collective, the Young Sun Frozen Food Company, the California Farm Cooperative Society, the Bumper Harvest Orchard, the Pin Li Farm, the Mailiao Fruits and Vegetables Cooperation Farm, and the Taiwan Pingtung Agricultural International Marketing Company. They will exhibit a variety of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, including colored carrots, broccoli, lettuce, frozen edamame (green soybean), pineapples, bananas, jujube, and frozen sugar apples, as well as various types of frozen or processed seafood products including sailfish, grouper, eel, sea perch, Taiwan tilapia, and mullet roe. There will also be a variety of cooked meat products on display, including shaomai (a kind of steamed dumpling), sausage, dried shredded pork, and steamed buns with barbequed pork. It is hoped that during the four days of Foodex Japan the Taiwan Pavilion will be able to attract many Japanese and other international buyers to strike deals with Taiwanese suppliers.