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The Taiwan Pavilion opens at the 2019 Taipei International Food Fair, amazing visitors with Taiwan’s delicious and creative food products


Today (June 19), the “2019 Taipei International Food Fair” (also known as “Food Taipei”), opened at Hall 1 of the Taipei Nankang Exhibition Center and Exhibition Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), with the Council of Agriculture (COA) holding the opening ceremonies for the “Taiwan Pavilion” in Area D of the TWTC venue. COA Minister Chen Chi-chung stated that this year’s theme for the Taiwan Pavilion is “Amazing Taiwan,” and that 118 high-quality Taiwanese firms were selected to participate in the pavilion, the highest number of exhibitors ever, with the largest ever exhibition space. The COA trusts that Taiwan’s delicious, diversified, and creative agriproducts will amaze international buyers and domestic consumers, and they welcome everyone to come see the exhibition over the four days it is open (June 19 to 22).

This year the Taiwan Pavilion is divided into seven areas: the “Taiwan Agricultural Top Ten Products” area, the “Taiwan Good Agriculture” area, the “Agricultural Products” area, the “Gifts and Souvenir Products” area, the “Prepared Food” area, the “Livestock Products” area, and the “Fishery Products” area. Of these, there was an intense two-round competition for participation in the “Taiwan Agricultural Top Ten Products” area, with 154 participants, to select winners of the jury prize, the gold medal, the silver medal, the bronze medal, and six honorable mentions. This area displays the safety, tastiness, and creativity of Taiwan’s agricultural and food products.

COA Minister delivers remarks.

Meanwhile, the purpose of the “Taiwan Good Agriculture” area is to display the results of the COA’s promotion of the TGA Project. Over the past 15 years during which the COA has promoted the TGA Project, it has guided companies a total of 155 times to produce premium products using high-quality food and fisheries ingredients from Taiwan’s farms, seas, and forests. These are then turned over to expert branding teams to create brand value as well as packaging design that meets the demands of internationalized consumers. Over the years this program has generated excellent export results.

In addition, the “Agricultural Products,” “Gifts and Souvenir Products,” “Prepared Food,” “Livestock Products,” and “Fishery Products” areas are displaying fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat sent directly from production areas in Taiwan; scientifically developed instant foods; creative snacks; fine gifts and souvenir items; ready-to-serve prepared foods; and numerous health foods made from grain as well as elderly-friendly foods. These areas exhibit the abundance, tastiness, creativity, and diversity of agricultural and food products from Taiwan.

Over the four days of the Taipei International Food Fair, the Taiwan Pavilion will not only award prizes for checking in on Facebook, but each day from 10:50 AM to 4:00 PM there will be product presentations by top-quality firms held on the main stage. In addition, on the morning of June 22, the COA will hold the “2019 Elderly-Friendly Food Awards” presentation ceremony, to draw attention to how innovative R&D is responding to trends in the international market for elderly-friendly foods with food products produced using premium local ingredients from Taiwan. These award-winning products offer nutrition, flavor, texture, and ease of preparation.

The COA says that the Taiwan Pavilion at this year’s Taipei International Food Fair will offer more abundant options, more products that meet internationalized specifications, and more enthusiasm. The COA welcomes buyers from around the world, domestic purchasers of agricultural and food products, and ordinary citizens to visit the Taiwan Pavilion and experience the excitement surrounding Taiwan’s agricultural food products, taking a flavorful journey to Amazing Taiwan.

A group photo.