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2019 Taiwan Innotech EXPO – Sustainable Development Pavilion Highlights: Sustainable, Green, and Circular Technology


The 2019 Taiwan Innotech EXPO was held from September 26th to 28th at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1. The event hosted 3 main pavilions: Future Technology, Innovative Invention, and Sustainable Development. The latter was jointly organized by the Council of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Administration, Industrial Development Bureau MOEA, Bureau of Energy MOEA, State-owned Enterprise Commission MOEA, and Institute of Nuclear Energy Research of Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan. The said pavilion showcased 94 innovative technologies covering 3 main themes: Sustainable Agriculture, Green Energy Technology, and Resource Circulation & Regeneration. Moreover, the international area of the pavilion also displayed technologies and products of agriculture, green energy, and circular economy from 10 countries including Germany, France, the Netherlands, United States, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The grand opening ceremony of  Sustainable Development Pavilion was held on September 26th.

The COA publicized agricultural R&D achievements by revealing 37 innovations

Under the "New Agriculture" frame, the COA displayed 37 R&D results with commercial application potential divided in 6 technical areas: New Agricultural Model, Agricultural Safety System, Circular Agriculture, Crops for Functional Foods, New Varieties, and Processing Technology. Residual recycling and material reuse from mushroom cultivation was the case to show the integration of various technologies to minimize wastes. Highlights such as the new Indica rice variety “Tainan Sen No.18”, muskmelon “Tainan No. 14”, strawberry “MiaoLi No. 1”, and the better feed efficiency brown Tsaiya duck were popularly attended. In addition to R&D achievements revealing, the EXPO also served as a platform for international business matchmaking.

COA Deputy Minister Huang Chin-Cheng delivered his opening remarks.

Strengthen Linkages between international agri-businesses and Taiwanese technologies in the EXPO

Making Taiwan as a global hub of agro-technology exchange, the organizer invited renowned international institutions and enterprises to join the Expo, such as Dutch dairy automation firm LELY, French animal vaccine adjuvant supplier SEPPIC, Japanese animal vaccine producer Kyoritsu, the largest chemical producer in the world BASF, Japanese tea harvest equipment manufacturer Ochiai Cutlery, and the World Vegetable Center known for its  new varieties of heat-resistant tomatoes and male sterile chili peppers. These interactions created opportunities for Taiwan agri-businesses to expand Southeast Asian, European, American, and Japanese markets. Meanwhile, the 2019 International Symposium on Commercialization Strategy and Technical Achievements of Functional Products, organized by COA, was held in conjunction with the EXPO to target the international market for valuing Taiwanese agro-products further. Experts from Japan, Korea, and Australia were invited to discuss development strategies for the industry.

COA Deputy Minister Huang Chin-Cheng presented products.

Taiwan Agriculture TechnoMart (TATM) introduced all the EXPO events to the world

To enhance information dissemination, details of all the technologies displayed in the EXPO were available in the latest edition of Taiwan Agriculture TechnoMart (TATM, established by COA. Newsletters, scientific articles, product promotion videos, meetings and social events were all shown in the TATM prior to and during the EXPO, for all the participants to communicate. The TATM is providing great benefits for business communication and serves the purpose of facilitating the transformation of Taiwan’s achievement in agricultural technology into commercial products.

Highlight technology : Residual recycling and material reuse from mushroom cultivation The new varieties bred by COA  were showed in the pavilion.