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Joint Opening Ceremonies Held for The “International Forum on Innovative Cross-Sectoral Linkage for Circular Agriculture” and the “2019 Asia Agri-Tech Expo and Forum”


The “International Forum on Innovative Cross-Sectoral Linkage for Circular Agriculture,” co-hosted by Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture, the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office (NTIO), and the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei, was held from October 31 to November 1 of 2019. Agricultural experts from these three countries were invited to discuss the latest technology trends in agriculture and to collectively explore the values and future impact of circular agriculture.

The COA explains that in response to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) first announced in 2016, scholars and experts as well as agribusinesess from Taiwan, the Netherlands and Denmark gathered at this forum to advocate promotion of the “3I Action Declaration (Innovation, Intelligence, and Implementation)” and to discuss the roles that circular agriculture can play at both policy and practical levels to attain goals like UN-SDGs number 2 (“Zero Hunger”), 12 (“Responsible Consumption and Production”), and 17 (“Revitalize Global Partnerships”). The values of circular agriculture were discussed from a variety of angles including economics and sustainability. This International Forum was convened alongside the “2019 Asia Agri-Tech Expo and Forum.” By connecting with business people, government officials and academics from the countries attending the Expo, the forum was expected to help Taiwan to link up with agricultural development partners from around the world to work together to create a circular sustainable environment.

The COA adds that the “2019 Asia Agri-Tech Expo and Forum” was organized by UBM Taiwan, and ran for three consecutive days, starting October 31. The “Aquaculture Taiwan” and “Livestock Taiwan” expos were held jointly with the Agri-Tech expo. With the main themes being “innovative,” “eco-friendly,” and “sustainable,” this year the events were expanded to include more than 511 booths with more than 300 companies displaying technology applications and functional equipment for the farming, fishery, and animal husbandry industries. In order to help develop international markets for Taiwan’s agricultural technology and agribusinesses, the COA specially set up a “Taiwan Pavilion” and supported participation by 30 firms licensed to use COA technologies. The COA also set up a “Seedling Pavilion,” inviting major seed and seedling businesses in Taiwan to participate. Through this Expo, the COA hoped to encourage international business deals between Asia-Pacific countries and Taiwan’s agribusinesses. Members of the public were welcome to attend.

The COA noted that the “International Forum on Innovative Cross-Sectoral Linkage for Circular Agriculture” and the “2019 Asia Agri-Tech Expo and Forum” held joint opening ceremonies at 11:00 AM on October 31, and the International Forum began at 1:30 PM, the same day. For details, please visit