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Taiwanese agricultural machinery, materials, and equipment sent to Malaysia to create local services model, marking a breakthrough in Taiwan-Malaysia agricultural cooperation


Today (November 22) the Council of Agriculture (COA) of the Executive Yuan opened the three-day “Taiwan Agricultural Machinery and Materials Expo” at the JS Agri-Park in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. With an operating model that offers innovative services and establishment of agricultural extension centers in coordination with themed expositions and regular promotional activities, the COA aims to maintain stable cooperative relations, open up new sales channels for the export of Taiwanese agricultural machinery and materials, and propel the integrated development of value chains for Taiwan’s agricultural industries.

COA Deputy Minister Chen Tian-shou said while in attendance at the event, that in the future, Taiwan’s agricultural technology will continue to meet the needs of international society, and that Taiwan will cooperate with various countries to promote regional agricultural development and ensure  a sufficient global food supply. Moreover, through additional international interactions of this kind, Taiwan can upgrade the visibility and competitiveness of its agriculture-related industries and promote sustainable development for itself and New Southbound Policy partner countries.

The COA states that the purpose of this exhibition and sales event was to promote bilateral interaction between agricultural industries in Taiwan and Malaysia. To this end, 30 Taiwanese and Malaysian businesses were invited to participate in the event. Items exhibited included agricultural machinery, materials and equipment, modular facilities, and seeds and seedlings. With specific reference to Malaysia’s agricultural development needs, the COA set up four major agricultural areas at the event, covering agricultural machinery and facilities, biopesticides and microbial fertilizers, farm, fisheries, and animal husbandry products processing, and halal foods.

Moreover, the COA arranged for three experts in farming, fisheries, and animal husbandry from the Agricultural Technology Research Institute—Dr. Lin Yu-hsuan, director of the Plant Technology Laboratories; Dr. Yang Chi-yu of the Animal Technology Laboratories; and Dr. Lin Shiue-Lian, director of the Aquatic Technology Laboratories—to deliver lectures on their areas of expertise at seminars, providing the latest information on Taiwan’s agricultural technology. The topics included “how Taiwan has used innovative agricultural technology to upgrade the production efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture”; “the production strategy and guidelines for reducing the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry industries” and “how to use a platform for innovation in aquaculture-raised seafood to rapidly increase wealth”; as well as “the application of livestock and poultry materials in the field of biomedicine to boost value-addition.”

The COA explains that, in order to assist Taiwan’s agriculture-related industries to penetrate overseas markets, it has inventoried the agricultural development needs of New Southbound Policy partner countries, and has selected agricultural technologies and products in which Taiwan has a competitive advantage (including small-scale agricultural machinery, seeds and seedlings, and facilities and equipment) as focal points for agricultural exports. In the future the COA will devote even more effort to comprehensive marketing and promotion of agricultural machinery and materials in international markets, will actively assist in eliminating relevant trade barriers, and will strengthen the international competitiveness of Taiwan’s agricultural machinery and materials industries, in hopes of selling Taiwan’s high-quality agricultural machinery, equipment, and materials around the globe.