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Green Cycle: The Path to a Sustainable Zero Carbon Emission Home Come Experience the Online 2021 TAIWAN INNOTECH EXPO!


As extreme climate change becomes more predominant in recent years, the tide of global sustainable development gradually turns towards zero carbon emission. The 2021 edition of Taiwan Innotech Expo follows the trend and showcases in its SUSTAINABILITY Pavilion 4 main themes of innovative technology with collaboration from 5 ministries and 7 agencies: New Agriculture 2.0, Clean Energy Technology, Circular Economy, and Work Safety. There are more than 133 innovative R&D achievements on display at the pavilion both off-line (from Oct. 14th to 16th) and on-line (from Oct. 14th to 23rd). The exhibition combines 3D with audiovisual displays which enhances the experience during COVID-19 pandemic.

The New Agriculture 2.0 Pavilion hosted by the Council of Agriculture (COA) showcases how to create higher value and functionality for agri-products through smart agricultural production and re-utilization of materials. For example, the Automatic Sorting and Arranging System for freshly caught Pacific saury on fishing boats not only solves the problem of manpower but also completes the packaging more quickly, so that the consumers can enjoy the freshest seafood. Thanks to latest artificial propagation technology, the Japanese meagre, which was mainly caught in the wild, is now made available to all consumers while reducing the impact of overfishing to marine ecology. The Imitation Fish Roe Capsule Coating technology allows consumers to take in fat-soluble and water-soluble nutrients while enjoying salmon roe.

The Clean Energy Technology Pavilion showcases exhibits from Bureau of Energy, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, and State-owned Enterprise Commission, which aim to transform Taiwan into the Green Energy Center of the Asia-Pacific region by actively promoting the development of green power and renewable energy industries, including zero-carbon solar cell technology, energy-saving color-changing windows that reduce light penetration, etc. State-owned enterprises such as the CPC Corp., Taiwan Water Corp., Taiwan Power Company, and Taiwan Sugar Corp. are all at the forefront of implementing environmental protection measures from our basic livelihood needs, such as the WADA (Water Advanced Data Analysis) water leakage detection auxiliary system, which safeguards precious water resources.

The theme of "Circular Economy" was jointly launched by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) and the of Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) to thrust Taiwan into the era of circular economy. The goal is to make proper use of waste resources to replace extraction of natural resources, and to move towards the objective of full recycling and zero waste. The Resource Circulation Analysis System established by the EPA is the first of its kind in the world that integrates industrial relevancy chart into material flow database to accurately understand the use of materials in Taiwan and further enhance the recycling of resources.

The government not only values the importance of natural resources but also the sustainability of labor. The Ministry of Labor utilizes image recognition technology and smart helmets to construct a "safe working environment" that can actively prevent hazards. The system can assist personnel in judging the safety of the operation process, while monitoring the operator’s physiological state. The device can also be used for real-time emergency call out, thus creating a safe, smart and friendly working environment.

The "2021 Taiwan Innotech Expo" hosts both physical and online exhibitions simultaneously. The organizers crafted virtual exhibition venues for its online exhibition. Visitors and manufacturers interested in securing technology transfer can have an in-depth understanding of various innovative technologies through graphics, texts, audiovisual materials, and 3D exhibits. The EXPO also features various real-time forums and new technology presentations. For more information on the exhibition, please visit the official website of Taiwan Innotech Expo: