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Introducing Agricultural Scientific Achievements into Production and Sales Chains to Promote the Transformation and Upgrading of Taiwan Tea Operations


The Council of Agriculture (COA), Executive Yuan has engaged in the research and development of several key technologies for the agricultural production supply chain. To enhance the supply and operation capabilities of Taiwan’s potential crop export, COA counsels demonstration farm/enterprise to introduce the key technologies and establish business model depending on market demand. The marketing strategies were subsequently developed to strengthen the overall production and sales operation.  On Nov.26 the COA not only took Taiwan’s tea operation advisory results as an example to demonstrate the achievements of introducing agricultural science and technology R&D results into production and sales chain applications but also share the process of introducing key technology applications into tea industry demonstration centers.

Group photo.

The COA explained that, Taiwan’s unique island climate with temperature apparent differences, adequate clouds and moisture, all contribute to the irreplaceable mountain aroma and taste of high mountain tea, which make Taiwanese tea world famous. However, tea production not only requires unique climatic conditions, the quality is also related to the cultivation and management techniques of tea farmers as well as the experience of the tea maker. To improve and stabilize the tea quality, the Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) integrated related R&D achievements and technologies, such as tea cultivation management and tea production management intelligent technologies to reduce inaccurate judgments in the tea production process. It also aims to realize the goals of intelligent production, management standardization, and product optimization in the tea industry, to elevate the tea quality in flavor and stability. In addition, through the systematic integration of production and marketing information, a production strategy based on consumer market demand is established to achieve the goal of precise marketing and precise production.

The COA further stated that in addition to the explanation of the counseling process by the ATRI, experts from Tea Research and Extension Station were also invited to share the application of tea factory environmental monitoring to intelligent auxiliary reminders for tea production, and how the promotion of the industrialization and application of Taiwan-tea Assortment & Grading system (TAGs) can be applied to industrial upgrading for the improvement of Taiwan’s tea industry development. Furthermore, Assistant Professor Wei Zhang-zhi of Feng Chia University was invited to share how Taiwan's fine teas can propel the transformation of the industry’s business model through the establishment of a digital marketing strategy. Finally, Tu Tsang-Lin, the CEO of Hwa Gung Tea, which is one of the demonstration centers (enterprises), shared the experience of applying the intelligent agricultural system to tea plantation management and tea production, thus fully presenting the overall counseling results of the operational guidance plan. The COA hoped that through this presentation, the effectiveness of introducing Taiwan's agricultural scientific research technology into the operation of the industry can be shown, therefore encourages more applications of scientific and technological R&D results on the industry, and enhances the overall competitiveness of Taiwan's agri-food industry.