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The “Taiwan Pavilion” at Food Taipei 2022 opens ceremoniously; 103 agricultural product and food companies actively pursue export opportunities


Food Taipei 2022 opened ceremoniously today (June 22) on the 4th floor of Hall 2 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, where the Council of Agriculture (COA) invited 103 Taiwanese producers of premium agricultural products and food products to form a “Taiwan Pavilion” and hold an opening ceremony. The theme for this year’s Taiwan Pavilion is “sustainable, resilient, and net zero agriculture.” In addition to promoting diversified and abundant premium Taiwan agricultural products and processed agricultural products to domestic and foreign food buyers, the Pavilion includes an area with the theme of “net zero carbon emissions agriculture.” It shows how carbon emissions are being reduced in the production process for domestically produced agricultural and food products through the four axes of “reduced volume of emissions,” “increased carbon sinks,” “circularity,” and “green trends.” At the same time this themed area explains to consumers how to make smart choices and purchase domestically produced agricultural and food products that help mitigate the effects of climate change.

COA Minister Chen Chi-chung delivers remarks.

COA Minister Chen Chi-chung said that this year the Taiwan Pavilion is divided into six major display areas, including the “premium agricultural products area,” the “livestock and poultry products area,” the “seafood products area,” the “prepared foods area,” the “Rural Good Products area,” and the “Taiwan Good Agriculture brand area.” These offer a wide variety of fresh agricultural, fisheries, and animal husbandry products delivered straight from production areas, as well as creative snacks, delicious prepared foods, elegant agricultural gift and souvenir boxes, and premium branded products for export. The featured exhibition area in this year’s Taiwan Pavilion introduces the four main axes being pursued by agricultural agencies aiming for “net zero” by 2040, explaining to domestic and foreign buyers the concrete methods adopted for agriculture in Taiwan to progress toward net zero carbon emissions and production of premium agricultural products. The area also helps consumers understand how to choose environmentally friendly and low-carbon domestically produced agricultural and food products, to use the power of consumer demand to support the move towards net zero by agricultural agencies and collectively create a sustainable shared future.

Group photo at the event.

Minister Chen specially noted that the “seafood products area” at this year’s Taiwan Pavilion includes 19 high-quality firms with excellent export performance or potential, of which eight are producers of grouper. Given mainland China’s unilateral temporary halt to imports of grouper from Taiwan (a move that violates international rules), not only has the COA encouraged citizens to buy more domestically produced premium seafood products, it has assisted fishermen to develop diversified sales channels and expand export markets. In recent years, as a result of the efforts of the government, export companies, and farmers’ organizations, the percentage of total exports of fruit that go to mainland China fell from 85% to 41% in 2021. In the future the COA will continue to endeavor to develop new overseas markets for major agricultural and fisheries products, to prevent over-reliance on the mainland Chinese market in order to stabilize domestic production and sales as well as the incomes of farmers and fishermen.

Group photo at the opening ceremony.

This year Food Taipei will run from June 22 to 25, with the event being opened to the general public on June 25. The Taiwan Pavilion will hold a vote for the top ten most popular products, for which online voting was conducted from June 17 to 21, and for which four days of in-person voting begin today. Both professional buyers and ordinary people can participate in on-site voting, not only making them eligible for small gifts during the activity, but also for drawings for numerous prizes (such as smart rice cookers and ovens) after Food Taipei closes. We welcome buyers and consumers from home and abroad to actively come forward to see the products on display and make purchases.