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COA Joins in VIV Asia to Promote Taiwan’s Agricultural Technology


  To assist Taiwan’s agricultural technology enterprises in expanding overseas marketing channels and to increase the visibility and awareness of Taiwan’s agricultural technology products, the Council of Agriculture (COA) plans to lead the Agricultural Innovation Incubator Center, Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park and other agricultural technology enterprises to participate in some important exhibitions in Thailand, China and Japan this year, as a way to continue last year’s effect. The VIV Asia 2015 was held in Thailand from March 11 to 13. The COA selected 10 agricultural technology companies to participate in that show. In addition, the COA would soon select other companies to join in the Pet Fair Asia 2015 in China and AGRI World 2015 in Japan. Those interested in expanding overseas markets are welcome to register.

Acquire fruitful results from last year

  The COA noted that to demonstrate the advance, reputation and quality of Taiwan’s agricultural technology, since 2009 it has participated not only in domestic shows, such as BioTaiwan Exhibition and Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart, but also in foreign large-scale shows, such as BIO in the United States. Established on January 1, 2014, the Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) is in charge of international marketing works for those companies stationed in ATRI’s incubation centers, Agricultural Innovation Incubator Center and Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park. Last year, 16 agricultural technology companies joined in China’s VIV China 2014 and Japan’s AGRI World 2014. Some of them have increased their exports by over 5% while three of them have increased investment and expanded their plants up to NT$100 million. It shows a significant effect shortly only in six months.

Expand promotion this year

  The COA further stated that in view of the effective results from last year, it plans to participate in more international agricultural technology exhibitions this year, from two to three shows. The first one is the VIV Asia 2015 in Thailand from March 11 to 13. This show is the largest animal production and meat processing industry exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. Held once in two years, it always attracts more than 600 exhibitors to join together. To continue last year’s effect of participating in the VIV China 2014, the COA has selected 10 agricultural technology enterprises related to the livestock industry to take part in this year’s show, including China Chemical and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Anibio Co., Ltd. and AFFS Agrotech Corp., Ltd. Under the framework of Taiwan Pavilion, they jointly exhibit Taiwan’s agricultural R&D technologies and products development.

  In addition, the Taiwan Pavilion was invited by the organizer to participate in the pre-show press conference of VIV Asia. Nearly one hundred international media attended the conference, which attracted international attention. The COA said that in addition to helping companies join in the show, it also had arranged them to visit Thailand’s agricultural administration and testing organizations, for the purpose of understanding Thailand’s import regulations of related products. Moreover, they visited local businesses to expand overseas sales channels.

  The COA also stated that it plans to participate in the Pet Fair Asia 2015 and AGRI World 2015 in the second half of the year. The former is the display and sale of pet related food, medicines and test reagents, while the latter exhibits relevant agricultural materials, such as pesticides, fertilizers and machinery. How to select companies for these two shows will be announced in the near future. Whoever interested in expanding overseas markets is welcome to register!