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Free Economic Pilot Zones—Value-Added Agricultural Processing


The Free Economic Pilot Zones (FEPZs) provide a liberal and convenient business environment to their tenants. FEPZs consists of:
I. The loosening of all restrictions on: the flow of goods, personnel, fiscal policies, foreign investments, tariff adjustments, etc.
II. Improved administrative effectiveness (one-stop window).
The FEPZs phase I came into effect on August 16th, 2013. Phase II will be set in motion following the proclamation of the Special Act for FEPZs. The draft has already been submitted to the Legislative Yuan for review at the end of December, 2013.
Phase I mainly focuses on the current “6 ports + 1 airport” FPZs and the Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park. In phase II, FEPZs can be set up as designated by the central government or under application by local governments.
Target activities in FEPZs are: smart logistics, international healthcare services, value-added agriculture, financial services, and education innovation. Additional activities may be added in the future.
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The Value-Added Agriculture policy allows enterprises in FEPZs to enjoy abundant supply of duty-free domestic and foreign raw materials thanks to the FEPZs’ free and convenient “inside territory, outside customs” business environments, as well as the flexible “shop onsite, factory offsite” business model. The goal is to develop internationally competitive products by integrating Taiwan’s sophisticated agricultural technologies and talents. Investors from Taiwan as well as around the world are welcomed. For more information please call: 886-2-23124012.

Applicable Taiwan agriculture advantages:
I. Quality-agriculture product processing: develop new innovative products which can create new consumer patterns and demands. Increase agricultural product’s added-value and help expand overseas markets.
II. Key technologies and research capabilities such as breeding, cultivation, storage, and transportation: the improvement of agro-products’ easy storage and transportation through key technologies will significantly increase such products’ time and space value, which will elevate the agricultural value chain.
III. Agro-product safety management system: Taiwan has already established important agro-product safety management systems such as traceable agricultural products (TAP), good agricultural practices (GAP), and organic farming, which provide the FEPZs with safe agricultural raw materials.

FEPZ’s phase I puts emphasis on promoting Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (Official website:; Tel: 886-8-7622999), which offers state-of-the-art software and hardware, relevant industry and research facility clusters, one-stop window for expedited application, along with other advantages, such as customs clearance services and accessibility.