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Adopt a Pet--A Loving Plan

    Planned by Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture, the Animal Shelter Management System has helped animal shelters all over Taiwan to solve the problems that information cannot be browsed, retrieved and analyzed real-time. So far the basic database has already been built, and the training of basic database online operation of municipal animal shelters in northern, central and southern partsdogof  Taiwan has been finished.

    The plan uses network technology to build a database application system to supply the necessary statistical charts for all levels of bureaus of inspection and quarantine and to simplify business management. Furthermore, this plan analyzes all the records in animal shelters, which helps bureaus of inspection and quarantine and professionals to evaluate the management performance of shelters and assists unqualified shelters to improve and to reach the goal of efficient management through professional knowledge. By means of statistic quantification, the deviation of single on-site inspection can be redeemed. The operation performance of animal shelters showed on reports is open to the public, demonstrating the results of what bureaus of agriculture have been working.

    This year, this plan will further combine with other network digital technologies, setting a real-time video supervisory system in the shelter of animals waiting to be adopted, which will allow adopters to contact with animals. Through this real-time video system, adopters can see the introduction of dogs and the environment. If adopters can get a better picture of animal shelter and animals, they will be much more willing to adopt one.

    Besides the supply of adoption information, this year's working plan also includes information platform for searching lost animals, online animal hospitals, inquiries about animal protection acts and animal-related news. Moreover, activities such as "Keep a Diary for Your Dog", targeted on elementary and junior high school students, will allow more and more people to understand public animal shelters and the idea of animal protection better.