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The Fantasy World of Dachshunds

It is hard to imagine that there is such a vast space, occupying approximately 1652 square feet, exclusively for pets and pet-lovers in the city of Taipei, where the land prices are extremely high. The owner, Mr. Lin Kun-li, has 16 Dachshunds, and he came up of the idea of opening a pet restaurant two years ago. dachshunds guru He then visited numerous pet restaurants and shops throughout Taiwan, only to find that those restaurants had no distinguishing features other than a place for owners and pets to dine together. Moreover, the food they offered was also below average. So he decided to open a restaurant, which both offers delicious meals and provides a space for pets to walk around freely.

Because Lin insisted on a well-lit space and a vast play area for the dogs, he will need a huge profit to cover his costs. Luckily Lin got the support from his relatives on the rent, so he could focus on how to offer good food and service and put his profit concerns behind him. In addition, in order to enhance the quality of the restaurant, he made a special effort to hire a chef who studied his culinary skills in France. In Lin's restaurant, even the dog meals are French; unseasoned beef and drumsticks are the ultimate delicacies for doggies, and even the side orders are dainty. Here, dogs and owners can dine together. Such a happy scene can always put heartfelt smiles on the faces of his clientele.

Pets can happily run and play on an outdoor lawn occupying 660 square feet, and the staff will keep an eye on them while the owners focus on enjoying their meals. When the dogs are exhausted after playtime, the attentive and tender staff deliver water immediately to them. Here in this restaurant dogs can not only make friends with others of their kind but also have a huge space in which to exercise until their hearts are content. No wonder many owners love this place so much!

The disposal of pet excrement has always been a main concern for owners. Besides a restroom for the animals’ exclusive use, the restaurant also prepares buckets, brooms and mops. Lin said that although there are a lot of people who have pets, they don't really know how to educate them. He was very shocked to find out that there are no pet restaurants in Britain, but later he realized that this is because the British have done very well in the area of pet education, and almost every restaurants allow pets to enter with their owners. as a result, they don't need pet restaurants in Britain. Now he hopes to gradually spread the idea to the owners by the way he manages his restaurant. He wants customers to realize they should be responsible for their pets' behaviors. Owners are just like parents to the animals, and if they want to take their pets around, they have to educate them. Otherwise, it will be difficult to change the common perception that pet restaurants are dirty and messy.

When asked about what he is most afraid of as a pet restaurant owner, Lin thought for a while then gave us a bitter smile. He said the biggest problem is not caused by pets because it can be expected that pets go out of control or excrete in the restaurant. Instead, many people are not used to the elegant, slow-pace French dinning style, so if they wait longer than they expect, they get mad. Some customers have even refused to pay the bill. This has happened so many times. People in Taiwan also think French food is all over-priced. In fact, there are also middle-priced French restaurants and relaxing French taverns. French restaurants can be seen everywhere in Japan, while Italian restaurants in Taiwan are near the saturation point. Therefore, French cuisine still has room to grow in Taiwan, and that’s why he chose French cuisine in the first place.

Finally, the restaurant regularly holds exhibitions and activities. Not long ago, there was an art exhibition, which invited owners from all over Taiwan to draw pictures of their pets. Some even attached stories about their pets and themselves. These pieces of art can now be seen everywhere in his restaurant, and the deep affection between owners and their pets creates a warm ambiance. Lin hopes his restaurant can be a special place for dogs get-togethers. Everyone who wants to hold a pet gathering will immediately think of his restaurant. Now he is realizing his dream by holding monthly activities. Although he has to work from 7 am to 11 pm, dog-lover Lin still enjoys being around all those lovely animals. As for the troubles that dogs get into, he will happily accept them as the sweetest burden!