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    The Most Beautiful Event After the Cooperation of Taiwan's Elegant Agriculture Products and the International Industry.

    Recently, the Council of Agriculture have placed an emphasis on developing high quality foods with an elegant appearance. The international enterprise AVON has budgeted NT$100,000,000 for a bulk purchase of Taiwan's "excellent and delicate" agriculture products as holiday gifts for its members in appreciation of the COA project called the "New Agriculture Campaign:

Photo courtesy of AVON

    "Let's Light up Agriculture in Taiwan" and to put into practice of its philosophy of providing assistance for the economic growth of Taiwan's agriculture sector. As a result, The products include Dreamland Koshihikari from Wu-jie, Yilan County and Plum Enzyme Drinks from Shin-yi, Nantou County Farmer's Associations. This harkens to the coming of even greater success in cross-industry cooperation for Taiwan's agriculture sector, what it calls the "Taiwan Intensive Agriculture and International Industry."

    For Shin-yi Township, AVON' s industrial cooperation project called "Plant Beautiful Fruits with Beautiful Hands", provided an order of 80,000 bottles of Plum Enzyme Drink produced by farmers in Shin-yi Township. With this greatest order ever, it effectively released longstanding pressure from excessive stock, production cutbacks and unbalanced market and created local agriculture an output value of NT$30,000,000.

    What is most praised is that to meet the delivery needs, the association has gone through hundred of tests with countless bottles broken, just to produce the ideal packing to ensure merchandise completeness after delivery. The result pacing design is even perfect enough to take out a patent. Such a "Nothing but the Best" philosophy and customer-oriented business way deeply impressed AVON and revealed a better future for Taiwan's agriculture.

    Public Relation Manager from Taiwan AVON, Jhuang Ya-song said that after the project and budget are confirmed, involved staff started finding agriculture products all over Taiwan with both great quality and attractive packing design. For those qualified products, they visited the farmer's associations for their will to cooperate, and Dreamland Koshihikari and Plum Enzyme Drinks were chosen to be one of the members' two holiday gifts this year.

    She said that during the first stage of gift exchange, 220,000 members shared 120,000 bags of Dreamland Koshihikari without any bag left. Results reveal the popularity of agriculture products among members and, to some extent, their identification with Taiwan agriculture products.

Boutique at at CKS international airport
Photo courtesy of Sinyi
County Farmer's Associations.

    The cooperation with Shinyi Farmer's Association is another innovation mode. To be in accordance with AVON's spirits, the association developed a brand new bottle with everything unique and specific for AVON only. The drink is as popular as Dreamland Koshihikari. General manager, Wang Zih-yun, indicates that only with the national support for excellent agriculture products can the local agriculture development become delicate and high-quality for a further feedback toward Taiwan.

    Secretary General of Shinyi Farmer's Association, Huang Jhih-huei, says that what local agriculture generally lacks are the industrial operation and marketing experience, and after the cooperation, the association has learned customer-oriented marketing skills. They have learned about packing design convenient for delivery, improved delivery systems, production efficiency, and so on. All the above provides it with future development with more competitiveness.

    Specified purchase order by foreign enterprises proves the potential market competitiveness of Taiwan intensive agriculture products. Major food manufacturer, Hsin Tung Yang, also chose Shinyi Farmer's Association's serial products to be displayed in its retail shops at the airport and others (the only agriculture product in displayed in such a manner in the shop as well). This reveals the developing trend of Taiwan agriculture products has transformed from traditional production to delicate one.

The salesperson, Du Yi-siou states that it is obvious to see the great progress in the quality and packing design of Taiwan agriculture products as can also be known by a 50-50 percentage of local and imported products displayed in Shin Tung Yang shops in these years.

He said that the fashionable packing, strong attractiveness of the products and the consequent popularity at the airport shops have resulted in a topic product exhibition for Taiwan plum season in June with excellent and delicately-packed plum products gathered for promotion sales. Furthermore, to make the consumer more familiar with Taiwan's excellent agriculture products, Shin Tung Yang held the activity, "Fun Trip in Spring" and agriculture products exhibitions this year, in hope to remind the consumer to come to their shops for delicate agriculture products.

Taiwan's agriculture products are getting cooler and cooler, and the purchase of elegant agriculture products is so hot. How can you not follow the trend ?