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    There are now a great variety of ways to purchase Taiwan agricultural products, other than at Farmers' Association supermarkets and the Special Holiday Markets.

    The tendency of Taiwan agricultural products were marched toward high quality and delicate pack design in recent year, as well as diversified marketing channels. Some limited quantity and elegant products are sold only through the Internet or directly from the place of

Photo courtesyof EFARM

production. This type of marketing has not only made the products well-known but also led the Taiwan agricultural market to a new era.

    However, in the past, the Internet market did not sell the products countrywide but the products of a single township.

    Therefore, the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan has begun to assist its subordinate agencies to build up the Internet shopping center 5 years ago. Through the concept of the virtual farmers' association supermarket and the exhibition center, not only can people purchase high-quality products, but the products have the opportunity to be introduced to society.

    Taipei County Farmers' Association implemented "Ubox" agricultural products shopping center 5 years ago. According to Mr. Yang Dong-Liang, the Director of the Farmers' Association Supermarket Joint Procurement Center of Marketing and Supply Division of the Association, products being sold in Ubox are not only rare but also of high quality. The Association also holds an Investigation Team to evaluate the products collected countrywide to ensure that the customers get the high quality products.

Photo courtesy of TFA

    Since founding, products were lacking, popularity was down, and the Internet shopping experience was poor. Mr. Yang set his goal for receiving one purchase order per day and said it would make them very excited if there were ten orders that day. Up to now, the average sales achievement for the "food store" of the Ubox is NT$30,000 per day. During the high season, sales achievements can be as high as NT$60,000 to NT$70,000, some popular products have even run out of stock. To keep the customers, the "food store" now offers gift cards for message passing and it has done customers a great favor and has been quite popular.

    Mr. Yang further states that, unlike the real store, there is a great variety and range of products in Internet shopping centers. When compared with the Farmers' Association supermarket and the Internet shopping, the first can only place up to 100 products, whilst the second can place up to 1,000 products. The various selections and the home delivery service not only give customers chances to purchase delicate and high quality agricultural products countrywide but also enlarge the sales amount.

    There are other Internet shopping centers being assisted by thetaipei county agri-product websiteCouncil of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, such as "TFA" of Taipei Farmers Association and "efarm shopping" of U.I.C.

     Through virtual marketing channels, these elegant products win over more opportunities to be introduced to the people. Some institutions are also trying to open up new sales locations in real stores, take the Chinese Handicraft Mart of Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center as an example.

    CAS Development Association built up a "high quality agricultural product zone" inside the Chinese Handicraft Mart as a new and multifaceted sales way. The Deputy Administrator of the Center, Mr. Tang Ying-chao says that, the products sold in the zone were designated for foreigners; however, quite a few domestic customers surprised the Center by purchasing great amount of products. The Internet shopping center of the Promotion Center also begins to offer township souvenirs for customers' choice.