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Make Farming a Pride

"New agriculture movement is to make everyone realize that there is hope in Taiwan's agriculture, and one should be proud of working as a farmer."
This is the statement made by Su Jia-Chyuan, the minister of the Council of Agriculture at the even of Farmer's Festival year 2007, and when he speaks about the purpose of the "New Agriculture Movement – Taiwan' Agriculture Shines Up," his articulates the preceding statement with rather high-pitched tone.
Su indicates that as viewed from the trend of future development, the population,Minister Suworking on agriculture will be reduced gradually, however, the farmers in Taiwan will be moving towards the model of "elite farmer," and working on agriculture will no longer be that hard as that of times before. Besides, with the use of technology and strengthen of marketing, agriculture will not be considered as a feeble industry as it should be heading toward more refined, and diversified approach of development.
Su furthers that in order to realize the effect of "new agriculture movement" even more faster the subsidy policy for rotation farming will be stopped as a whole in 2008, unless farmers plant "bio-energy plant" or "horticultural plant" on farmland of rest-rotation as stipulated by the government, the farmland of rest-rotation won't receive government subsidy, as a result, the farmland can be utilized to its full extent.
Since the inauguration, Minister Su has put forth the blueprint of policy implementation as "new agriculture movement" which will target at "creative agriculture, energetic farmer, and charming farming village" as his objectives of policy for implementation. Then, he has subsequently facilitated "wander Vogel," "production resume," "direct delivery of rice crop," "rotation farmland bio-energy plant," and "construction of green corridor" several new policies. Most of all, the "wander Vogel project" receives the greatest response from Minister su the general public, and overwhelming number of people register, lot more than expected. In response to the demand of the general public, the Council of Agriculture has not only opened up more lots of camps for them, it has also established the "gardener project" for individuals who are aged over 35, and desire to experience agriculture and would like to seek for dream of the country and field.
Su further expresses that, in the past, agriculture has always been considered as a feeble industry, and they believe that after accession into WTO the agriculture of Taiwan will simply collapse. Nonetheless, the fact has proved to be the opposite. Five years after our accession into the WTO, the production value of Taiwan’s agriculture has not reduced but increased by 8%. We can, therefore, tell that there is still hope and prospect as long as we can adjust and discover the right approach. As indicated from the warming responses of the general public to "wander Vogel" and "gardener project,"  it shows that there is the dream and longing of people today for agricultural cultivation, and also tells that there is the value of agriculture that cannot be replaced by commerce and industry, which is about the spiritual aspect never to be realized by material. "wander Vogel" is to provide such a chance to the young people to experience and appreciate agriculture so that they would even be willing to manage agriculture, injecting new blood to Taiwan's agriculture.
Take the organic rice "Yin Chuan Rice" for example, Su remarks that Lai Jhao-Syuan alone has led 92 senior farmers to open up a brand market. Therefore, as we view from the designated three-year "wander Vogel" project by the council with the target that there will be 1,000 young people who are willing to return home, there will be 1,000 seeds. In the future, there could be as many as 92,000 farmers who can grow "Yin Chuan Rice," its power if achieved could be most amazing.
Minister Su stresses that "wander Vogel" is a project to cultivate talent, and therefore, a task that works to deep-root, while the role-play of the council is to provide resources and platform. Whether the project should succeed or not depends very much on the efforts of everyone.
The purpose of "wander Vogel" and "gardener project" is to cultivate future talents. As for farmers today, he indicates that there have been tremendous changes among them, and the greatest change is that they have changed their concept and know that they have to in continuum. For instance, "Uncle Kun Bin," who grows organic rice, has gone to Taidong to learn how to grow organic rice in order to cope with the times. When he is back to his farmland, he makes improvisation of the cultivation, and as of his effort, he even won the honor for the championship of organic in year 2006, best proof of all.

Minister Su points out that that every industry is likely to fade except for agriculture because "you can live without cell-phone, without notebook, but how you can live without food, therefore, it is not possible that agriculture will fade out. Besides, if agriculture is really without any prospect, why would countries around the world try so actively to protect the jobs of agriculture? The reason is that every country must have its basic productivity of agriculture. Su indicates that agriculture in the future will be heading towards the approach of diversification and refinement. New Agriculture Movement has already lit up the first light for the hope of Taiwan's agriculture, and the government should continue to play the role adding power and fuel in order to realize relevant works so that Taiwan's agriculture can truly be light up.