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Selection of Elites

Collect healthy seedlings
Fruit of different species can be of many forms: corn, pod, berry, nut, drupe…etc. Collecting them from elite trees is no easy employment. The higher the elite tree is, the harder the work becomes. A climber has to be bold enough to tough out the high tree tops, since fruit enjoy the upper parts of trees for sufficient air and sunlight. For example, the height of Taiwania usually varies between 40 to 70 meters, and a climber with superman’s skill and perseverance is necessary.

Tree scalars affix U-type rings each meter on the trunk up till the branches, and keep on up along lateral branches all the way to the treetop, and shear branchlets with seeds. They collect the rings back upon the way down to the ground. The depth of sticking rings is critical; too shallow, the climber may fall; too deep, rings are hard to take off. There is no other way to improve it except practice, so the task is not for ordinary people.

The seeds would be put into refrigerators controlled between 0˚C and 10˚C for 2 to 10 years after a process of cleansing, solarization, shade drying, and sorting. Some seeds such as pods can be preserved for 30 years. As per requirement, the seeds at first are grown to seedlings, and then transplanted to the woodlands. Those superior seeds—after strict sorting—are ready for reforestation or research, and may then be used to extend Taiwanese forests.