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Amazing Numbers

Research done by Dr. Dess of Haryana Agricultural University of Calcutta, India , has shown that a 50-year-old tree has ecological benefits of NT$1,000,000 oxygen, NT$2,100,000 air-pollution prevention value, NT$1,000,000 soil fertilization value, NT$85,000 protein output value; to sum up, a living tree generates total value of NT$4,185,000 and above. But a chopped one is worth around NT$10,000 or so.

How much oxygen does a tree produce?

Generally speaking, a tree produces 11 kilograms of oxygen every year, and absorbs 4.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

How well does a tree function to shade?
The shade caused by a large tree equals to 40 ton cold airs. It is even cooler under trees, because they exhaust heat by photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration, while they provide shading.

Where is considered the chest height of a tree?
The “chest measurement” of trees is 130 cm from the ground.

How large is the forest area in Taiwan?
According to Taiwan Forestry Bureau’s third report on Taiwan forest resources and land use, the total Taiwan forest area is 2,102,400 hectares, covering up to 59% of the whole nation, among which, counties in Hualien and Taitung enjoy the highest coverage up to 78%; the second in line are Yilan County and Nantou County with 74%.

How old is the oldest tree in the world?
The oldest tree is a Giant Sequoia in California, with the age up to 3,500 years.

Why is forest air so fresh?

Delightful fresh air can be felt with 700 anions accumulating per cubit cm. The great number of anions in forest is the answer. Waterfalls also generate anions and make the air even fresher. Until the concentration accumulates to 20,000-30,000 per cubit cm, the air shall be health beneficial: tension and pressure released, fatigue relieved, body functions enhanced, blood pressure lowered, and blood purified. Forest has wonderful effects on your health.
In 2004, Forestry Bureau discovered Hsinhsian waterfalls in Neitung Forest Recreation Area, the champion among all Taiwan stream waterfalls, creating a stunning top record of 500 million anions per cubit cm.