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Expert offers tips for producing profitable healthy crops


___1.jpg People who have never cultivated the land and grow vegetables, the chance he grows successfully of the plants is less than the chance of failures. The public generally finds it difficult to understand the importance of good soil as it relates to good plant growth, Mr. Feng-Yi Kuo, an agriculture expert of agricultural Research Institute of Council of Agriculture (COA) said.

Soil is the root of agriculture, according to Mr. Feng-Yi Kuo , head of the Agricultural Chemistry Division of the Institute. Because soil is so essential to crop, crop growth will be limited by poor soil, no matter how much effort we put water and fertilizer into the production.

The purpose of using fertilize is to add nutrients to the soil, thereby improving soil productivity. Ideally, timing and method of fertilizer application is essential, for which an understanding of the basic characteristics of the soil is vital, he went on.

Farmers used to believe the more fertilizer used, the better the crop. Kuo, however, emphasized that too much fertilizer does not increase yield but actually increases the burden on the production. Proper fertilizer application can not only reduce the cost but can also enhance crop growth by providing the most suitable nutrients, he said.

Kuo suggested that farmers should use the soil testing services provided by the Agricultural Research Institute and the Agricultural Research and Extension stations around the country to diagnose their soil characteristics.

These organizations also offer online information on soil testing data, proper use of fertilizers as well as how to making netural organic fertilizers to help farmers get the most out of their land, said Kuo.