Plant researchers committed to helping farmers


p1.jpgTo solve problems relating to crop pests and diseases, plResearchers worked in every Crop Pest and Disease Diagnosis Station can be seen as “doctors” skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of plant disease, according to Mr. Lee, Yu-hui, head of one of the stations.ant pathology and entomology diagnostic services began to be offered by the Taiwan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry and the Taiwan Provincial Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute since 1982, since which time a network of 30 stations has been cooperatively established by the Agricultural Research Institute, the Agricultural Research and Extensions and universities.

Lee said that as soon as staff at these stations receive samples of crops damaged by diseases or pests from farmers, they register the case with the diagnosis center under a monitoring system.

The sample is then diagnosed, photographed, and separated or inoculated. Staff observe these processes under the microscope before consulting experts on plant pests and disease. They then make suggestions to the farmer on the best course of action.

Specialists are also available to visit farmers, observe the crops in the field and make suggestions for timely prevention.

The result comes out within 14 days, whether it’s in-house or onsite diagnosis, and the farmer is provided with a report on the problem, as well as help with understanding the report’s contents.

The center also help farmers to select suitable pesticides, as well as making available information to farmers about how to locate the nearest certified pesticide retailers.