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Gardening expert Mr. Chen, Kun-tsan promotes the greening of communities


g1.JPG Mr. Chen Kun-tsan, the deputy engineer of Hsi Liu Environmental Greening Foundation, a non-profit oragnization, has had a keen interest in gardening since his youth.

It is no surprise, then, that he chose horticulture as his major and has since devoted himself to the natural world.

To expand his knowledge in the field, he would regularly head to the library of National Taiwan University to read related papers after school and spent much of his time in English class secretly memorizing the Latin names of flowers.

He even forced himself to learn Japanese as fast as he could.

Every job Chen has ever done, during his school days and throughout his professional career, has been related to gardening, whether working part-time in the flower market, producing plant-related programs in a studio, partnering with his friend to run a flower shop or, now, working at the foundation, a nonprofit group that promotes gardening.

 Chen is responsible for promoting, teaching and training students on green and eco-friendly issues, but promoting do-it-yourself gardening and landscaping is not an easy task because of conditions beyond his control.

One problem, for example, is that the number of participants in his classes can range from 2 to over 200, and the wide age range of participants also presents a challenge. He has to use different approaches to connect with different types of students.

“It’s quite challenging during the problem solving sessions. I hope all attendees can learn how to plant and care for flowers correctly through the interaction with other members of the class, despite their age variation and differing backgrounds,” Chen said.

g2.JPG “As long as they are willing to learn, I love to share my knowledge with them,” said Chen, whose smile reflects his enthusiasm for promoting gardening.

Chen’s goal is for “the job of going green to be instilled in every person’s heart, in every family, and even in every community,” he said.

Despite suffering several setbacks and plenty of frustration, he has never doubted himself, and he continues to share his love of plants with others.

Ultimately, Chen’s vitality seems as boundless as that of the plants flourishing in his garden. He is always facing the sun, always optimistic and never gives up without a fight.