Taiwan's Beautiful Canals and Ditches

Green Enviroment for Taiwan's canals and ditches
Taoyuan's pond irrigation system -- unique cultural geography
Tsao Kung canal-- Qing Dynasty's biggest canal in southern Taiwan
Pa Pao Canal and Taiwan's first water conservancy engineer─Mr. Shih-pang Shih
The Shihtsuto Canal makes the Meinung people proud
Erhfeng Ditch-- a 328 meter long underground river weir
The Paileng Canal -- a treasure of Taiwan
Taiwan's Beautiful Canals and Ditches

Green Enviroment for Taiwan's canals and ditches



A long time ago in Taiwan, the embankment of ditch and canal was made of earth and there were always plants, including grass, trees or bamboo, on the embankment. In fact, these ditches and canals were full of green.

The earth banks of these ditches were generally built of earth fill; therefore, they were easy to collapse, Mr. Ming-hwa Tsai, the Director of Department of Irrigation and Engineering under the Council of Agriculture, said.

To solve the problem, the modern engineering material and technique were applied to reinforce the banks, which then became concreted U-typed. However,it's impossibile for plants to live on the concrete surface. The once fertile land tranformed into deadland.

Compared to the new concreted U-typed ones, the original cross-section of the ditches usually are ladder-shaped that requires more land space but decrease the area of passage.

After the renovation and improvement, the old ditches are now U-typed and made of concrete that can reduce the width of the base of the embankment, according to Mr. Tsai. g2.jpg

To widen the patrol paths along the bank, the width of one side of the embankment would be cut so that the path width of the other side of bank will be increased, Mr. Tsai noted.

Changes in human requirements has brought new life to the country's canals and ditches. They not only serve the role of water supply and irrigation, but also have positive significance in maintaining underground water conservation, adjusting the effects of micro-climate and improving the water recycling system.

In addition, the upgrading of the irrigation systems has created a new range of recreational options for the public.

This feature consists of stories of Taiwan's canals and ditches that describes stories of people and god involved in Taiwan's canals.