Farmers Mobilization in Response to Climate Changes

Get Rich by Being Friendly to the Environment
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Farmers Mobilization in Response to Climate Changes

Get Rich by Being Friendly to the Environment


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“ Go Green, Live Rich” has been a very popular book recently and its author told us that start to live green is the first step for ordinary people to get rich and resources on the Earth will also become sustainable as a result.

For example, the book said, you can save NT$30 every time you take your lunch from home to the office and by not using 5,000 sets of disposable tableware in 20years you can save NT$430,000, which amounts to one year’s salary plus year-end bonus for an average office worker.

Climate changes affect directly our daily living. And you can become richer by adjusting some habits. The following are the five wonderful tricks uou can use daily:

First: Buy Organic Agricultural Products

Foodstuff is all-important to human beings and most of us eat three meals a day even if we don’t like to spend money. You can extend the lifespan of both yourself and our environment simply by following the principle of “paying attention to health and being eco-friendly” when you buy foodstuff. Why do we encourage people to buy organic products? That’s because farmers who grow organic products do not use chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and such unnatural additives as growth hormone in the process of production and processing. Such practices will harm the farmland less and there is no need of any measure to recuperate the land’s productivity, enabling sustainable and recycled utilization of natural resources. In fact, consumers can help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and waste produced in the process of food transportation by giving more support to local famers and adhering to the principle of consuming local products. Of course, the most important thing is that organic foodstuff gives your body less burden because it is not polluted and has no agricultural chemical residues. In the long run, to reduce the burden to our bodies by eating the right, non-toxic good foodstuff will be a cost-effective investment!

Second: Spend Green

Housewives know their family use a lot more electricity in summer and they can only shake their heads helplessly upon seeing the expensive electricity bill. In fact, the solution is not only to develop good habits. It is also important to use electrical appliances with eco-friendly green labels. Although some of these appliances are more expensive, but in the end the fatal savings because of paying less for the electricity bill will definitely make it a worthwhile investment.

Cyclists to reduce exhaust emissionsThird: Use Mass Transportation or Become A Cyclist

Many motorcyclists wear masks to block the invisible dirty air, which also pollutes the environment and harms our body. Use mass transportation is to utilize the concept of mass saving and not to use the same resources repeatedly. Just like group buy, the discount or saved expenditure on transportation due to the beneficial practice is your investment in the environment if thinking in terms of green concept. If you really have to drive to work, you should buy a car of low fuel consumption or plan a route that can actually save some time to make fuel spending really worthwhile.

Fourth: Own a Green House

If you have the budget, you may choose to buy a green house designed with eco-friendly ideas, which will give you a comfortable living quality while save you a lot of money for using less electricity. Of course, you can also own an “almost” green house immediately by fully using your ingenuity. For instance, room temperature will be lowered by at least two degrees Celsius if you grow plants on the roof. And you can make your house energy conserving one with amazing results simply by using energy-efficient bulbs, switches and faucets.

Fifth: Plan Eco-friendly Travel Itinerary

When you travel, you are recommended to take part in concession projects offered by eco-friendly hotels or guest houses, which do not provide disposable toiletries or change bed sheet and towels for guests staying for more than one night. Such hotels can use the saved money to offer guests discounted rates. The most important thing for consumers is to make sure that the businesses have not damaged the surrounding environmental ecology when building facilities, putting up signs and advertisements or planning itinerary to attract consumers. We can feel at ease and happily enjoy our tours after fulfilling our responsibility to the environment seriously.